The signing ceremony of MOU between UEB and HANDICO

On 15th July 2008, the signing ceremony of MOU between the leaderships of University of Economics and Business (UEB) and Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation (HANDICO) took place at the UEB, Vietnam National University - Hanoi.

Present at the ceremony, there were Mr. Pham Quy Trong - Deputy Manager of HANDICO, leadership of Administration Department, President of Technical and Construction Vocational School under HANDICO. On the part of the UEB, Assc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha - Rector of the UEB, Assc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Vice Rector of the UEB, Representatives of Cooperation and Development Department,Department of Business Administration and other member departments, Management board of International Cooperative program also participated in the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Assc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son and Mr. Pham Quy Trong signed the MOU under the witness of leaders of both sides. Accordingly, the UEB and the HANDICO will implement the following contents of cooperation:

1.The UEB will co-operate with HANDICO to organize short term operational courses, cooperative programs within and without the country… based on HANDICO’s or the third side’s requirement.

2. The UEB will co-operate with HANDICO to implement internship programs, visit tours and field works for students.

3. HANDICO’s officers will co-operate with the UEB’s professors in teaching practical knowledge, to award scholarships to UEB’s excellent students based on HANDICO’s aspiration and proposal.

With the cooperation spirit to utilize both sides’ advantages for mutual development, leaderships of both two sides had detailed discussion on the cooperation abilities according to the survey result of HANDICO about the need of developing human resources. One coordinator was chosen from each side to implement cooperative programs. Evaluation of the cooperation will be conducted annually as well as building cooperative plan for the following year.

HANDICO is a large corporation with nearly 50 member departments whose organization based on parental subsidiary model. HANDICO’s major field is real estate. Currently, there are more than 20,000 people working for HANDICO. HANDICO have also cooperated with many universities to implement training programs.

As it is a policy of the UEB to connect the College to enterprises, HANDICO is a potential partner of the UEB. Accordingly, the UEB is also the reliable partner of HANDICO with the common goal: mutual benefit and development.

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