Meeting between leadership of the UEB - VNU and representatives of Mutrap III project

Prof. Claudio Dordi
On 25th August 2008, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Vice Rector of the UEB and leadership of Center for Economic Developments Studies (CEDS) had a meeting with Prof. Claudio Dordi - Chief consultant of Mutrap III project.

The Mutrap III aims to support Vietnam to implement Socio-Economic Development Plan (SEDP) and action program in the post-WTO accession period in order to gain sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty by greater integrating to global trade system. This is the biggest supporting project from the EU to Vietnam.

Within the framework of the cooperative program, Mutrap III will sponsor for the UEB to organized 2 training courses for lecturers and students of various Universities about the implement of WTO’s agreements and the transfer of Vietnam’s law and economic policies.

At the meeting, Prof. Claudio Dordi expressed his pleasure to cooperate with the UEB, a prestige college of Vietnam. He also highly appreciated the ability to better develop the cooperative relationship between two sides and the chance of implementing cooperative research and training in the near future. 

Bich Ngoc

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