Chongqing University representatives visit University of Economics and Business - VNU, Hanoi

On 13th January 2010, representatives of Chongqing University (China) visited and worked with representatives of University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Attending to the meeting were MA. Nguyen Thuy Linh - Vive Director of Research and Cooperation Development Department, University of Economics and Business - VNU, Hanoi and her staff. From Chongqing University, there were Mr. Li Bin, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges Department and Mr. Qin Mingfeng, Manager of Project Department.

At the meeting, the two universities discussed opportunities in building cooperation activities such as student exchange, faculty exchange; organizing summer courses to promote understanding and exchanging opportunities for students of both universities; organizing international workshops and conferences; cooperating in research projects.

After the meeting, Mr. Li Bin promised that he would report to the leaders of Chongqing University on discussed issues. Both sides agreed to continue exchanging information in order to sign the memorandum of understanding and implementing cooperation activities in the future.

Chongqing University, established in 1929, is one of high ranking universities in China. Recently, it has 21 member universities and junior colleges; 14 units having rights to supply specialized doctor degrees, 111 units having rights to supply master degrees and 73 undergraduate majors. Chongqing University has 4.800 teachers, including more than 1.500 professors and associate professors and more than 50.000 students studying here.

Chongqing University’s specialized training majors include: Financial Economics and Business Administration, project management and finance management,  architecture and work management, biotechnology, environmental technology, culture and linguistics, law, accounting applications and press and information…

Cooperation between University of Economics and Business-Vietnam National University and Chongqing University will open more opportunities of development for staff, lecturers and students of the two universities. 

News: Nguyen Binh Minh Photo: Thuy Dung

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