An interview between representative of Bao Son Group and UEB students

In order to recruit new officers and seek high qualified students for probation in Bao Son Group, representatives of the group has had an interview with UEB students on 18th February 2011.

Representing the group to work at the interview were Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha - Bao Son Paradise General Director, Ms. Phan Thu Ha - Financial Manager Bao Son Group and Ms. Bui To Quynh - Vice Director of Accounting Department


Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha - Bao Son Paradise General Director interviews UEB students. 

At the interview, Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha has affirmed that Bao Son Group highly appreciates talents and always has appropriate policy to attract qualified students to probate. After the probation, if the qualified, students are welcome to work at the group. Based on the interview result, 6 students will be selected for probation at the group.

Interviewees include students of QH-2008-E Accounting and QH-2007-E Business Administration (School of Business). In the coming period, Bao Son Group is sending interviewers to UEB for other majors.


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