Promoting to cooperate with ITI - VNU

On 3rd March 2011, Rector of University of Economics and Business - Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son has received and worked with Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet - Director of Information Technology Institute - VNU.

Participating in the working session were Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - UEB Vice Rector, leaders of School of Business, Offices of Academic Affairs, General Administration, Research & Partnership Development of the university and staffs of ITI - VNU.

At the working session, two parties have discussed on the cooperative plan in undergraduate and postgraduate training, and bilateral support in research, project defending affair, assessment of research projects…

Currently, the ITI has been implementing the Master of Information Systems (MIS) training program, which shares the similarity with the Master of Technology Administration (MTA) organized by School of Business - UEB. This could be considered as the favorable similarity of the two parties to cooperate in postgraduate training. However, according to Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet, the ITI needs the support from UEB in embedding the management element into the curriculum to enhance the necessity for the learners, especially to adapt the social demands.

Also discussing on training cooperation, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh has affirmed the readiness of the UEB to cooperate with the ITI in short-term and long-term training. The UEB is planning the collaboration with the institute to start up the short-term course in technology administration for directors or managers of organizations.

The working session has set the first official step in the cooperation between the UEB and ITI in training. Specifically, in the future the two training programs of MIS and MTA are combined to redesign an optimal program. Furthermore, the two parties also discussed other cooperative opportunity, development of data base on management economics to develop practical software.

Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet - ITI Director calls for the support from UEB in adapt some modules in the MIS curriculum.

UEB Rector - Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son highly appreciates the cooperative direction between two units of VNU.

Thuy Dung

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