The event series with Prof. John A. Quelch at UEB - VNU

Within the framework of his visit to Vietnam’s business community and Vietnam National University, Hanoi from 28th to 30th March 2011, on 29th March, Prof. John A. Quelch - Dean, Vice President and Distinguished Professor of International Management, China Europe International Business School, Former Associate Dean of Harvard Business School, who is consider as a "wizard of marketing and branding” has had a event series at University of Economics and Business - VNU.

Prof. John A. Quelch speaks at University of Economics and Business - VNU

Prof. John Quelch has lectured at UEB on two themes “How to manage marketing in a downturn” and “The Twenty-first Century Consumer”. University of Economics and Business and Vietnamnet co-organized the event under the sponsorship of Thang Long Securities and InfoTV Channel.

Under the theme “How to manage marketing in a downturn”, the speech by Prof. John Quelch has focused on the issue: how to carry out the investment strategy, marketing management for the highest effectiveness in the downturn and increasing inflation as well as negative external elements such as natural disaster and political insecurity in many areas. Prof. John Quelch believed that: Branding and brand management is vitally important, which decides the development of the enterprise. The branding is not only a challenge for enterprises but also for major groups and corporations. He also has discussed with Vietnam’s business community on methods and strategies of branding. It is the fundamental of branding from the beginning to a firm brand name.

This is the opportunity for the participants, business community and UEB faculty members and students to access discuss and get talk with one of the world’s leading marketing experts.

In the same afternoon, Prof. John Quelch has discussed with UEB faculties and students on the theme “The twenty-first century customer”.  He emphasized to analyze the changes of consumers’ behaviors and psychology during and after the downturn; costumers’ tendencies in the future; their sensibility of brands, products values based on which the enterprises can design strategy in the downturn and afterward.

The presentations by Prof. John Quelch this time was a good opportunity for the participants to meet and talk with an expert in business and marketing, an excellent professor of economics in the world. The seminar is also a place for participants to approach new ideas, new orientations in business management especially marketing management from different views.

The event with Prof. John Quelch at UEB has proved the accurate direction of the university in embedding research and practice together, developing the UEB to become a research-oriented university and the destination of the world’s renowned scholars and entrepreneurs.

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son warmly receives Prof. John Quelch
Vietnam National University, Hanoi confers honorary doctoral degree for Prof. John Quelch

In the recognition on excellent achievements of Prof. John Quelch in research activities as well as his precious contributions to the development of  the cooperation and friendship of Vietnam and Vietnam National University, Hanoi (including University of Economics and Business), VNU President has presented the honorary doctoral degree for Prof. John A. Quelch. The conferral ceremony has solemnly organized in the same afternoon on 29th March 2011.

Talking at the ceremony, Prof.PhD. Mai Trong Nhuan - VNU President has emphasized: “Prof. John A. Quelch has great contributions to Vietnam’s business community and the relationship between Vietnam and The U.S., as well as the recognition of his friends after hearing about Vietnam from him. VNU confers the honorary doctoral degree for Prof. John A. Quelch in the deep appreciation for his precious dedications. We also hope that, in any positions, Prof. John A. Quelch is always our big friend, continuing to support and create cooperative opportunities for Vietnam’s business community and researchers, especially between VNU and the world’s universities and scientists.

In the solemn ceremony’s atmosphere, Prof. John Quelch has shared: “I have a special interest in research, educational and academic environment. A good university environment is where students and faculties have the opportunity to meet and share new things every day. It is the most plentiful source of my life, source of all new ideas. It can be said that my thoughts and ideas are inspired from the teaching and lecture hall”.

Prof. John Quelch also highly appreciated the close interact in training and education. He believed that a university could be successful only when it reaches a high level of mutual respect, awareness and study. He has sent a message to UEB students: "When you leave this room, think about what you can contribute to your university. It may not be the direct and immediate contributions, just as the thoughts, ideas, vision and commitment for the university in the future. Because once your CV has the Vietnam National University Hanoi “brand name”, that means that you will permanently inherited a great fortune of the environment. From this moment, my CV also has the “brand name” of Vietnam National University, Hanoi and I will think about my responsibilities.

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