Strengthening cooperation with ANU

On 21st October 2011, VNU University of Economics & Business and The Crawford School of Economics & Government - Australia National University have signed an MOU under the witness of officials of two parties.

Representing The Crawford School of Economics & Government - ANU, Director Prof. Tom Kompas has attended to the signing ceremony with Ms. Billie Hedon - Director of Crawford Student Recruitment and Alumni, Ms. Ngan Le - Coordinator of International Student Recruitment and Scholarship. As representing The VNU University of Economics and Business, there have been Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son - Rector; PhD. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - Vice Rector and leaders of Research and Partnership Development Office, Development Economics Faculty and other faculty members.

Discussing before the signing ceremony, two parties have talked about some cooperative directions and possibilities. Leaders of VNU UEB and Crawford School of Economics & Government - ANU have shared about tradition of educational cooperation between Vietnam and Australia as well as expected the long-term relationship of the two sides.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between VNU University of Economics & Business and Crawford School of Economics & Government - ANU, it is agreed at 6 points, including the cooperation in exchanging faculty, postgraduate students and research staff; establish programs in areas of teaching, research or university administration which will be open to qualified students and university personnel from other institutions; facilitate visits by authorized officials from each institution in order to develop cooperative resources of other institution Especially, two institutes are establishing the joint doctoral program in economics, in which ANU would support VNU UEB to design and implement a PhD program in Vietnam. In this collaborative program, the Crawford School of Economics & Government, upon request of UEB and based on available resources could host VNU PhD students to study at ANU.

The MOU has marked a breakthrough in the relation of two institutions, proving the effective working sessions and negotiations between VNU UEB and Crawford School of Economics & Government. This MOU also serves as a general framework for cooperation between two institutions and is intended to facilitate discussions for more specific program of collaboration in the coming future.

Prof. Tom Kompas expresses his expectation of a long term relation with VNU UEB.

UEB leaders introduce and welcome the delegation from ANU.

Thuy Dung

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