Managers of Techcombank talks at UEB

On 30th November 2011, within their visit at the VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB), Deputy Director of Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint- stock Bank (Techcombank), Mr. Phan Thanh Son has had a meeting with UEB Rector - Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son.

At the meeting, the two parties have discussed about the cooperative opportunity in the field of training, research, internship and probation for students. Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son has appreciated the cooperation and support of A.I Capital, a company specializing in fund management in Vietnam leaded by Mr. Quan Duc Hoang as the President, in the organization of "Career Talk" for Finance and Banking students. The talk on Foreign exchange and currency trading is to provide UEB students with better understanding of the position, job requirements and career orientation in Finance and Banking after graduation.

 The Career Talk is aimed at the Finance and Banking students and the final-year students who are facing opportunities and challenges of the modern labor market. Two speakers as the leading specialists in foreign exchange trading and securities have shared with students about the knowledge and experience of foreign exchange trading, the difficulties and potential risks which helped students have better understanding of their future career. From his own experience, Mr. Phan Thanh Son has shares with the students the message “the passion and inquiring mind will take you to success”. The questions from students to the speakers generally concerned about the “lack of experience of new-graduated students may limit the career opportunities or not?” or “the most reliable source of recruitment information to access the best job”.

The answers are also the advice and the sharing of the speakers has aroused the passion as well as the desire to succeed and the flame in the hearts of young and dynamic students of the UEB. The organizers hope that, with the enthusiastic response of students, under the supportp of A.I Capital Company and Mr. Quan Duc Hoang, Career Talk will become the link between Finance and Banking student and the challenging financial market, to help them feel more confident to enter the marketplace.

Dr. Phan Thanh Tu - Deputy Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking introduced the guests to the students.


The guests who are the leading specialists in the field of foreign exchange trading and securities has brought to students the knowledge and practical experience about foreign exchange business as well as the difficulties and challenges of professional risk.

Thanh Tu - Thuy Dung

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