UEB and State of Sachsen (Germany) open potential cooperation

The participants agree to maintain the communication to create the basis for concrete, lasting and effective cooperation.
On 28th February 2012, the VNU University of Economics and Business has hosted a meeting among a parliament delegation of Economics - Labor - Transport Committee, Sachsen State (Germany), leaders of Ha Giang Province’s People Committee and the leaders of the university.

At the meeting, the university had an honor to receive Mr. Carsten Meyer Wiefhausen, German Ambassador in Vietnam; Mr. Frank Micheal Heidan - President of Economics - Labor - Transport Committee, the State of Sachsen; Mr. Thomas Schmidt - Vice President and other officers of economics and international cooperation of Sachsen Parliament. On behalf of leaders of Ha Giang Province, Mr. Nguyen Van Son - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee and Committee Office staff have worked at the talk.
On the VNU-UEB side, attending to the talk were Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son - Rector and leaders of Faculties of Business Administration, International Business & Economics, Development Economics together Center for Foreign Investment Studies and Research & Partnership Development Office.
Opening the working session, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son has warmly welcomed the German delegation and introduced the VNU University of Economics and Business, indicating its orientation and training capacity as well as its research quality.  Until now, the University has many research projects under the orders of the Government and major corporations or the research projects under sponsor of international organizations. UEB’s Rector emphasized four advantages of the university as a member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, namely (1) high autonomy, (2) receiving the support from government and policy-making bodies, (3) interdisciplinary training environment (economics, social, natural science...) and (4) extensive partner’s network. Being persistent of the high-quality research direction, the University has been actively developing the partnerships with domestic and international partners.
Representatives of one of the university’s important partners, Ha Giang Province, Mr. Nguyen Van Son - People’s Committee Vice Chairman has welcomed the delegation and provided some basic information to introduce the socio-economic context of the province. Located in the Northernmost area of Vietnam, with its particular terrain, Ha Giang still appears as an underdeveloped province of the country. At the talk, he highly appreciated the specific cooperative activities of UEB which has contributed to the development of the province and hoped a successful visit to the delegation.
After introductions about VNU-UEB and Ha Giang Province, Mr. Heidan Michael Frank, President of the Economics - Labor - Transport Committee of Sachsen had shared some information about the socio-economic situation the Federal Republic of Germany, also confirmed the traditional relationship and cooperation between the two countries Germany - Vietnam. Sechsen State has 4.3 million people, is known with its developed automobile industry, machine building, mining and supplement industries. He hoped that after the talk, the parties will achieve cooperative possiblities. As Senator of Sachsen Parliament, he would also like to contribute to the high quality-oriented development of the University.
The Sachsen State Parliament members also provided information about a mission led by the State Minister for Science and Arts this time. Under the framework, the Minister has signed a memorandum of cooperation in various fields with the leader of Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Talking about the reasons for selecting Vietnam for this mission, Mr. Thomas Schmidt has shared that Germany - Vietnam have a tradition of good relation, this is the opportunity for both countries in general and the enterprises, institutions in particular to search and develop the cooperative possiblities. The Member of Parliament have expressed their interest in the development of Vietnam recently, especially the underdeveloped areas like Ha Giang, and spent time sharing opportunities for cooperation in the fields of education, research, healthcare, environment, vocational training, and the software industry. As policy makers, the German party has recommended the VNU-UEB and Ha Giang leaders to make appropriate proposals to develop and implement projects as well as to have specific assisting plans.
On behalf of the VNU-UEB leaders, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son has highly appreciated the support of the German government to Vietnam in general as well as good prospects for cooperation between the two parties. Accordingly, VNU-UEB is performing the coordinator’s role to propose and implement tripartite projects. The university has shared its interest in educational programs such as faculty and student exchanges, exchange of scientific publications and international conferences, applied research, training of human resources programs...
Towards the spirit of “win-win” cooperation, the participants considered the meeting as the first step to open the following specific activities, thereby expanding the scale and scope of cooperation. To conclude at the session, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son has appreciated the outcomes of the talk, emphasizing the willingness to cooperate in the areas of research, faculty and students exchange, and supporting businesses in developing investment environment and high quality human resources.
The two sides have agreed to maintain the communication to create the basis for concrete, lasting and effective cooperation.

The university has an honor to receive Mr. Carsten Meyer Wiefhausen, German Ambassador in Vietnam (right).

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son has warmly welcomed the delegation and indicated the training and research capacity of the university.

The German party has shared the reason for choosing Vietnam for the mission and highly appreciated the development direction of the VNU-UEB.


At the meeting, the Sachsen Parliament members and UEB leaders exchange souvenirs, marking the first successful session.

Thuy Dung

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