Business start up from an initiative

Ms. Hoang Le Chi awards scholarships for UEB students.
This is the topic of the exchange meeting between entrepreneur from Sai Gon Business Club and students from VNU-UEB- in the introduction of the competition “Luong Van Can talent prize 2012” at E4 building. VNU-UEB on April 18th, 2012

The event was organized by the  UEB and the organization board of “Luong Van Can talent prize 2012” with a view to creating a chance for UEB students to study the topic of “Enrichment thinking” of the famous entrepreneur Luong Van Can. Through the event, many business ideas and thinking that were successful in the competition were introduced to the students from UEB.
 The meeting was very pleased to have as honored guests: Mr. Luong Quan - representative from Luong’s family, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh- President of the Business Club of Sai Gon, Editor in Chief of Sai Gon Entrepreneur Newspaper , Chief organizer of the competition and Ms. Phan Thi Tuyet Mai - Vice President of Sai Gon Business Club who also took part in organizing this event.  Assoc.Prof.PhD. Tran Anh Tai - UEB Vice Rector, many lecturers, staff and more than 100 students also joined in this event.


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh makes a speech at the meeting

In the opening speech, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh emphasized that: Sai Gon Entrepreneur Club pays high attention to social responsibility, especially the organizing of the “Luong Van Can talent prize” and the awarding of scholarships to students. The organizing committee really hoped to expand the range of the competition to give students in the whole country a chance to show their talent. He also hoped that all students from UEB, with the advantage of dynamics, intelligence and good English skills, would join in positively and achieve good results.

Following the opening speech, representatives of the scholarship from the Sai Gon Entrepreneur Club awarded  20 scholarships to UEB students, each worth 2.5 million VND.


Assoc.Prof.PhD. Tran Anh Tai makes a speech in the meeting.

Expressing his sincere thanks, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Tran Anh Tai confirmed that: These valuable scholarships from the Sai Gon  Entrepreneur Club would be strong motivation for all students in studying and future life. He also believed that the meeting would be the foundation of a good, realistic and effective relationship between our school and the club and  between businessmen and students from UEB.
Representing the 20 students VNU-UEB students receiving the scholarship, Ms. Bui Hong Hanh (QH-2008-E Business Administration) thanked Sai Gon Entrepreneur Club for their care for UEB students.
At the meeting, Ms. Phan Thi Tuyet Mai brought to UEB students information about the competition “Luong Van Can talent prize” She gave information about general regulations, requirements for participants and so on…She also offered UEB students the following encouragement: “Positively take part in the competition to train and present- yourself in the best way.” Ms. Tuyet Mai announced that the organizers’ committee would try their best to get involved with the competition as well as to bring the idea into practice.
An open and cozy atmosphere was to be found in the meeting. Many entrepreneurs from the Sai Gon Entrepreneur Club shared with the students their own experience they have been through on the way to success. They also gave opinions as to what characteristics a successful man or woman?? should have.
All the businessmen emphasized that being a student, you should study more and more and try your best, and that you should never give up and fully understand important knowledge. In addition , they offered useful ideas about administration, risk management, how to build up company culture, and experience in recruitment and human management…

The entrepreneurs happily shared their own experience in studying and business with the students.

In the meeting, many students asked questions on many aspects; such as: when starting a business, should they use new product and services or current successful ones in the market; and how to attract target customers and creating reliability...

The event was a remarkable event that will remain in the memory of all the attendanees. That memory is the friendly image of entrepreneur from the Sai Gon Business Club, as well as the dynamic, enquiring minds of the UEB students. Such valuable knowledge from the event will play an important role in helping students on the way to becoming successful entrepreneur in the future.

Nguyen Thanh Translated by Tran Van Dung

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