Seminar “Russian Federation in the modern world”

Dr. Zoya Podoba (on the right) at the dialogue
On 22nd June 2012, at VNU-UEB Dr. Zoya Podoba - lecturer of Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) had a seminar with FIBE students and lecturers on the topic “Russian Federation in the modern world”.

In an open and friendly atmosphere, Dr. Zoya Podoba introduced to lectures and students of the UEB the most typical features of the Russia’s country, people and economy. Mentioning the land of birch trees brings us the image of the magnificent Moscow Capital, splendid Kremlin Palace and Red Square, with streets full of yellow leaves like in a painting.
Besides, Russia is also a country of various agricultural areas, with abundant resources such as mineral oil, coal and steel ore. Being one of the world’s major and dynamic economies, Russia is on its way of development with remarkable achievements.
At the dialogue, Dr. Zoya Podoba also introduced to UEB students the summer course of the Saint Petersburg State University. This is a short course in two weeks organized annually in July to create a learning and exchange environment for students around the world, as well as to equip students with necessary knowledge of Russia’s economy and its business environment through useful lessons and study tours. This summer course is a promisingly interesting opportunity for students looking forward to cultural exchange and understanding of this dynamic economy.

Concluding the seminar, Dr. Zoya Podoba expressed her expectations to develop cooperation and exchange programs between the two universities to facilitate lecturers and students to experience a new learning and working environment. Thereby, the long term cooperation relationship between Saint Petersburg State University with VNU University of Economics and Business in general and with the Faculty of International Business and Economics in particular could be promoted.

Nguyet Anh - Huyen Le

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