A field trip to Honda Vietnam plants

In order to provide UEB - Faculty of Business Administration students with practical knowledge, in November 2012, the faculty has organize a field trip to Honda Vietnam in Vinh Phuc Province for QH-2009-E and QH-2010-E intake.

The group was under the direction of Dr. Nham Phong Tuan, lecturer of Management of Innovation and Change and Ms. Pham Thu Hien, coordinator of Strategic Program in Faculty of Business Administration.
Honda Vietnam Company is a joint venture comprised of three partners: Honda Motor Company of Japan, Asia Honda Motor Corporation Thailand and Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation. Since its entrance Vietnam in 1996, Honda Vietnam has always striven to become one of the famous enterprises not only in term of the development of scale, product quality, but also is a pioneer in the field of enterprise management innovation and long-term development strategy.
After listening to Mr. Do Duc Viet (PR Department) introduced the history, activities and diagrams of Honda Vietnam, the students of the two classes began their visit to motorcycle engine manufacturing with electronic fuel injection at the No.2 Factory. The students could see most clearly about the layout of equipment, production lines, lean manufacturing standard quality inspection by Honda Japan.
The students also had lively discussions with Mr. Viet about Honda’s production activities related to the knowledge of the two courses Strategic Management and Innovation Management such as: strategy of Honda’s long-term development in the future when the Vietnamese motorcycle market becomes saturated, the policy of promoting the creativity of workers in the company, the social responsibility activities of the company. Through the discussion, the students would see the importance of the knowledge that they learned in class, especially how they apply to current business practice.
Although the trip lasted only one morning, but surely the knowledge that the students of two classes obtained will help them in the learning process and upcoming examinations.

Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai (QH-2009-E QTKD)

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