Strengthening the cooperation between the UEB’s FIBE and Dragon Logistic

Assoc.Prof.Dr Ha Van Hoi and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha at the signing ceremony
On 7th May 2013, the UEB Faculty of International Business and Economics (FIBE) and Dragon Logistics Ltd.Co have had an MOU signing ceremony under the witness by representatives of the two parties.

Attending to the signing ceremony, the Dragon Logistics Ltd.Co has Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha - First Deputy General Director and leaders of the company’s departments. Representing the UEB’s FIBE, Assoc.Prof. Dr Ha Van Hoi - Acting Dean together with other associate deans and staff of the faculty.
According to the cooperation agreement, the FIBE and Dragon Logistics are cooperating in the fields of academic activities, training high-quality human resources and scientific research.
In training activities, the two parties will jointly organize short-term training courses for domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of logistics as well as study tours for FIBE students to visit and practice at the company. In addition, Dragon Logistics will send senior officers to the FIBE to deliver lectures and talk to students about logistics and supply chain.
In research, the two parties will coordinate needs assessment study of Dragon Logistics to provide services of research and suitable consultancy; jointly organizing workshops, seminars related to the field of logistics. The FIBE (as requested by Dragon Logistics) will compose case studies, introduction and practices to promote the image of Dragon Logistics.
Besides, the FIBE will provide high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of the Dragon Logistics. The faculty will also provide specialists and talented students to serve research projects and consulting for the company.
Based on the MOU and the research results transferring contract, the Faculty of International Business and Economics has delivered over the research outcome entitled “Developing logistics services in delivering and freighting import and export goods in Vietnam’s international economic integration”, coded QK.09.08, to the Dragon Logistics.
The MOU signing has contributed to tighten the cooperation relationship between the FIBE with Dragon Logistics, more effectively meeting the requirements of the development of the two parties.

Thanh Mai - Thuy Dzung

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