UEB’s FIBE and Sankyu Logistics Vietnam sign MOU

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi and Mr. Yamashita Shoichi represent the two parties to sign the MOU
On 17 June 2013, UEB’s Faculty of International Business and Economics (FIBE) and Sankyu Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd have signed an MOU to strengthen the bilateral cooperation. On this occasion, leaders of Sankyu Logistics Vietnam also had a special talk with third year students of the Faculty.

Participating in the signing ceremony were the General Director of Sankyu Logistics Vietnam Mr. Yamashita Shoichi, Director of Air Freight Department Mr. Yuji Kotani. There were also the Acting Dean of UEB’s Faculty of International Business and Economics Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi, Vice Dean Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu as well as the staff, faculty members and students of the faculty.
Sankyu Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd. is one of important partners of the UEB’s FIBE. The two sides have effectively implemented the probation programs, organized seminars in the field of logistics for students. The MOU marked a new stage in the development of cooperation relation between the two sides, which particularly focuses on the fields of (1) training, (2) scientific research and (3) provide high-qualified human resources.
At the ceremony, on behelf of the UEB’s FIBE Management Board, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi has expressed his deep gratitude to the enthusiasm of Sankyu Logistics Vietnam for the earlier cooperation programs. He hoped that the cooperative relationship between the two sides would flourish in the future.

Representative of the Sankyu Logistics Vietnam shares with the UEB’s FIBE students about practical experience and other useful information

Talking with students of QH-2010-E and QH-2010-E CLC, Mr. Yamashita Shoichi introduced to them the operation of the Sankyu Group and Sankyu Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd. The Sankyu Group was established in 1918, which is one of major Japanese corporations and has a global network. Currently, the group has opened branch offices in many areas in Vietnam, mainly deals with the field of logistics and engineering. Sankyu Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd under Japan’s Sankyu Group is growing in operation scale and scope, standing ready to welcome talented individuals who meet the development requirement of the company.
With experience in the field of logistics, Mr. Yamashita Shoichi shared with students about the Sankyu Group and practical knowledge of logistics. Besides, the company representatives and UEB students talked about useful experience of effective study methods and to meet the requirements of the employers. He emphasized that knowledge in university is important, but it is not all, especially in the field of logistics, students should actively learn and be flexible in actual situations.
During the Q and A session, the students have expressed great interest for the practice program and employment opportunities in Sankyu as well as the working environment in the company.

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