NAAFE Forum 2013 and University of Florida welcome the UEB delegates

Leader of VNU-UEB give souvenirs to Dr. David J. Sammons at the University of Florida
From 19 to 27 May 2013, within the framework of a State level project on evaluating the economic impact of climate change to fisheries in the North of Vietnam and suggested solutions, as well as receiving the invitation by the organizers of North American Association of Fisheries Economists - Florida Climate Institute and the University of Florida, the delegation of the VNU University of Economics and Business has visited the city of St. Petersburg and the city of Gainesville, Florida, USA.

The delegation of the VNU University of Economics and Business included Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Associate Dean of UEB’s Faculty of Development Economics Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet and some faculty members of the Faculty. Joining the delegation also was Mr. Vu Minh Son -  Deputy Director of Administration Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
Visiting and working at the University of Florida
ammons and Mr. Bill William A. Messina - Economic analysis coordinator of the University of Florida’s Food and Resource Economics Department.


From right to left: Mr. Bill William A. Messina, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Dr. David J. Sammons, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Mr. Vu Minh Son, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet and Dr. Nguyen Viet Thanh

University of Florida is the largest public research-oriented university in the U.S. with more than 50,000 students, ranked 122 in the ranking of universities in the world in 2012-2013 of Time Higher Education.

During the meeting, representatives of the two sides discussed about basic activities of VNU- UEB and University of Florida. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son mentioned the research “evaluating the economic impact of climate change to fisheries in the North of Vietnam and suggested solutions” implemented by the UEB which was expected to receive support and cooperation from the University of Florida.
From practical studies at the University of Florida, Dr. David suggested that the UEB should contact and exchange with relevant research groups, such as the team of Prof. Sherry Larkin at the Food and Resource Economics Department. He also said that the World Vegetable Center where the University of Florida was the key members and currently has research cooperation in the area of ​​Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, this is also one of the focal points for the bilateral cooperation.
Within the framework of the trip, the delegation of UEB visited University of Florida’s Florida Climate Institute and worked with Dr. Clyde Fraisse - representative of applied research program and disseminating the knowledge about climate change.
Dr. Cycle has introduced the preliminary findings of the research program and gave a detailed presentation of the project “decisive supporting system for risk mitigation in agriculture - AgroClimate Paraguay”. The main objective of this project was to introduce manufacturers to use plant models and seasonal climate forecasts as a strategy to reduce risks related to climate change. A special feature of this project is the research model using short-term weather forecasts to convince manufacturers to rely on the research findings through observation. In fact, after testing the results by practice, the manufacturers trusted and pay for data collection for the weather forecast and climate of the scientists in the applied research and dissemination of knowledge about climate change.
 Attending and presenting two reports at NAAFE Forum 2013

NAAFE is a group of enterprises, institutions and international fisheries economic researchers. The purpose of the forum is to discuss on North American fisheries and the economy in mining industry and aquaculture, academies, and government stakeholders to promote a dialogue between economists and those interested in fishing and aquaculture. NAAFE Forum is to promote the development of the fisheries sector through the application of economics in the study of fisheries and aquaculture. The theme of the 2013 Forum NAAFE was marine resource management in the context of increasing complexity and uncertainty of the natural environment and society. Attending the conference were 170 delegates from 13 different countries and 28 U.S. states. The workshop lasted four days, a total of 28 sections with 164 presentations of the participants and 6 speeches.

The delegation of UEB delivered two reports at the climate change section, which were “Climate Change Implications for Fisheries in Vietnam” by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh and Dr. Nguyen Viet Thanh and “Institutional Adaptation to Environmental Risks and Economic Vulnerability on Fisheries and aqua farming: Land Use and watershed management in the Estuary Day of Vietnam” by Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet and MA. Nguyen Thi Vinh Ha.
The UEB delegation also participated in various sections within the framework of workshops, discussed professional issues and questioned cooperative issues with potential partners in the study of the impact of natural disasters and climate changes for the economy in general and especially for fisheries in particular. Delegation had useful exchanges with partners, experts in the field of fisheries, environment and climate change, such as Prof. Niels Vestergaard - University of Southern Denmark’s Faculty of Economics Environment and Business, Assoc.Prof. Wisdom Akpalu - Department of History, Economics and Politics, College Farmingdale State University of New York; Prof. Daniel Gordon - Department of Economics, University of Calgary (Canada), etc.
In addition to the main activities, the delegation also had other activities such as visiting Florida Aquarium; meeting Dr. Thomas Ruppert - Climate and Policy Coordinator of the Florida Marine Research Foundation to discuss the reality of climate change research, the application of research results in response to climate change, the difficulties in implementing policies, financial and politic barriers… in Florida and in Vietnam.

Delegates of VNU-UEB at NAAFE Forum 2013

The trip of UEB delegation took place successfully, gaining much useful information. In particular, the information from the presentations at the NAAFE Forum 2013 could be applied in the project on the impact of climate change to fisheries in Vietnam. The results obtained from the trip would help the UEB design and invite potential partners to participate in the international conference held under the theme, and also propose appropriate solutions to build cooperation programs with the University of Florida in particular and prestigious universities in the world, paving the way for the other practical projects and activities in the future.

Hoa Hanh - Ha Linh

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