Philanthropy chain of Thriive project in the third quarter of 2013

An Tuan Garment JSC and Thriive’s representations shared “the warmth” with pupils of Hai Phong blind school
Third quarter of 2013 marks 10 years of construction and growth of Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDS), VNU-UEB, and it is the 9th year CEDS implemented Thriive project in Hanoi. CEDS and loaned businesses continue philanthropy activities, brings a lot of meaningful gifts to difficult persons.

27th Jun and 15th Jul. Chung Long Company (was supported in 2011 by the project) was awarded 3600 farm equipments for poor farmers in Hop Thinh, Bac Giang commune. These tools are recycled from waste which is processed and friendly with environment. The products are made by Chung Long company used injection molding machines from Thriive loans.

Then on 8th Jul., through Thriive projects, Furniture Corporation Sofia awarded 150 new sofa for two elementary schools of Hoa Thang commune - amountainous commune with many poor household sand especially difficult in Huu Lung district, Lang Son province. Ms. Huong, along time teacher of the school, said: "Almost of the students inthe arealive with their grandparents because their parent swork away. There are many pupils have to walk about 10 kilometers to get to school each day. These gifts bring practical meaning and also encourage spirit of learning of pupils..."

Hoa Thang Primary students often walk to school and sit on old blistered furniture (Photo left). They are very happy with new furniture donated by Thriive (Photo right)


On 28th Aug., An Tuan Garment JSC. And Thriive representatives came and awarded 150 sets of new clothes for patients of Vinh Bao Mental Nursing Center and 200 coats for children of Hai Phong Blind School with wishing to share the warmth in coming winter.

Besides giving useful products to their daily lives, some Thriive businesses provide job training services, bringing "fishing rod" to farmers to escape poverty. According to this criterion, on 16th Jul. Tram Huong company donated 10,000 sandalwood seedlings for rural households of Lap Dinh village, Ngoc Thanh commune, Vinh Phuc province and guided them how to plant and care sandalwood trees (it can make income 10 times higher than their income from Acacia and eucalyptus planting).

Thriive project and Tram Huong Company awarded and guided how to plant sandalwood trees

In addition, two training courses of oyster and wood ear mushroom plant for more than 90 farmers of Thien Phuc Herb JSC. organized on 9th - 18th Aug. and 21st - 30th Aug. at Phuong Trung and Xuan Duong commune of Thanh Oai district. The courses bring faith and hope to people. Ms. Pham Thi Chit an enthusiastic and hard student, who was coming soon to join the class, said: "Before land-on is so hard, if trying best all day, we can earn 20 to 30 thousand. Being transmitted this mushroom cultivation and supported output, if trying best we can get 3 to 5 millions to let children go to school and then ... ".

In addition to training courses related to farming, on 28th Aug., Thriive attended to opening ceremony of Asian cooking courses. Golden Apple company organized this course for 15 disabled learners and unemloyed women in Nam Dinh. After the course, the company also ensures output for excellent learners to work at restaurants . The learners began the course very excited and enthusiastic to explore techniques of cooking with teacher.

It was meaningful for CEDS during its 10th anniversary (4/9/2003 - 4/9/2013). Officers of CEDS as well as Thriive managers have been effective and positive working to choose the most worthy enterprises  for Thriive fund at 9th stage, continue its way to support Vietnamese small businesses and effort to implement community.

Especially in 5 days from 29/9-5/10, delegates of United States Thriive will visit to Vietnam to take part in field trip of selected enterprises who be loaned in 2013.

Thriive is a cooperative program between UEB-CEDS and United States Thriive to support small businesses to interest-free loans for purchasing machines and production equipments, business developement and enhance social responsibility. As a special project, Thriive project has helped 80 enterprises with average growth is 48%, creating 1,232 more job and donated products to 99,123 poor persons in 21 Northern provinces.

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