VNU-UEB’s students met representative of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh - VNU-UEB gave souvenir and flower to Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer
On 4th December, 2013, Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer - Vice president of Global Relationship, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland had a presentation with staffs and students of VNU-UEB.

Welcoming Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer, there were Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh - Head of Office of Research and Partnership Development, staffs and students of VNU-UEB.

At the meeting, Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer had a presentation “Role of education in the development process of Ireland” which helps VNU-UEB staffs and students have an overview of Ireland. Before, Republic of Ireland was a poor country without advantage of natural resources. But so far, Ireland becomes the gateway to Europe and one of the safest destinations in the world.

In Ireland, the Government sees education as important, it was shown on policies for education as fully sponsored by the government for pupils and students. Ireland invested heavily for attracting talent, nurturing talent, stimulating  breakthrough ideas, fostering innovation culture, providing backgroundknowledge for the development of the region.

Through her presentation, Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer also introduced Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland to VNU-UEB staffs and students. Along with development of the country and the goal of appreciating educational role of Ireland Government, Trinity College Dublin ranks the first in Ireland and has high score in the world university rankings (ranked 18th in European universities and 61st in the world).


Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer presented at the meeting

With the open and friendly sharing of Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer, VNU-UEB students had interesting and exciting meeting. The students learned many things from Irish education and training sectors of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and differences among European countries as well as Vietnam.

With the hope that VNU-UEB students are increasingly becoming dynamic and active, VNU-UEB management board always takes advantage to provide more opportunities for students to exchange with universities over the world, thereby helping students to expand their knowledge, understanding, encouragement to improve themselves in order to enhance VNU-UEB student's competitiveness in particular and Vietnamese student’s competitiveness in the world labor market.

Staffs, students and Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer at the meeting

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