Dissertation: Income distribution in foreign direct invested enterprises in Hanoi

Author: Duong Ngoc Thanh
Special branch: Political Economics
Publishing year: 2012
Supervisor: Assoc Prof. Dr Pham Van Dung
Summary of the new findings of the thesis:
Based on research, general thesis generalize selectively issues of income distribution through the school market economy, then refresh the theory of economic benefits, income distribution. The author introduces the concept, institutional models of the income distribution and indicators of social justice in income distribution in the FDI enterprises.
 From the analysis of income distribution in this type of enterprises in Hanoi, the thesis points out: Institutional distribution in FDI enterprises may be formed under certain framework, legal framework is still inadequate and overlapping; subject many conflict in the economic benefit sharing; the operating mechanism is not flexible; the input market did not meet the basic development trends of the economy; the loss of social justice in income distribution of different types of enterprises, kind of business, the kind of labor existing difficult to resolve satisfactorily; social issues such as strikes, labor disputes destabilize the economic situation - internal social are posing challenges to be addressed.
Theory and practice requires Hanoi to soon complete the institutional distribution of income in these FDI enterprises. The thesis has made three opinion and four solutions to improve institutional of income distribution in this type of enterprises to ensure harmonization of interests, contribute to development economic - social capital Hanoi.
Practical applicability, if any:
Thesis can be used as material for teaching. Proposed as the basis for Hanoi make decisions in order to improve the income distribution relations in business capital
Further research directions, if any:
The thesis is a theoretical basic for further study of the distribution of income in the business.

Thesis-related publications:

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