Dissertation: Outward foreign investments by Vietnamese enterprises in the context of international economic integration

Author: Nguyen Hai Dang
Special branch:Political Economics
Publishing year: 2012
Supervisor: Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Anh Tai and Assoc.Prof.Dr Hoang Kim Giao
Research purposes and task:
Firstly, The thesis has generalized systematically overview the concepts and forms of outward FDI, the theory offoreign direct investment, the inevitability of investment directly offshore from developing countries; the factors affecting outward FDI, the impact of OFDI, the evaluative criteria for outward direct investment abroad.
Secondly, on the thesis studied experience of outward FDI by a number of countries around the world to draw lessons for the Government of Vietnam and for business management in our country.
Thirdly, The thesis has an overview of the integration process and legal system of Vietnam on outward foreign direct investment. Generalize and analyze the condition of outward FDI by Vietnamese enterprises over the time, location, sector and investment form. The dissertation also deeply analyzes successes and limitations of outward FDI by enterprises in Vietnam, specify the causes affecting the success and limitations.

Fourly, on the basis of generalizing domestic and international economic context, forecast OFDI trend, the advantages and difficulties for activities of OFDI enterprises in Vietnam, the thesis has set the objectives of OFDI, given out some points of view to orient the outward FDI of enterprises in Vietnam. The thesis has proposed the solution to enhance performance of outward FDI and to ensure the interests of the country, contributing to improve the efficiency of direct investment abroad by Vietnam enterprises.

Thesis-related publications:

  1. Nguyen Hai Dang (2012), “Experience of outward FDI by TNCs”, Economics and Forecast, The ministry of Plan and Investment, No. 11 in June 2012, pages 57 - 59.

  2. Nguyen Hai Dang (2012), “Outward FDI in  Laos and Cambodia – Opportunity of  OFDI from Vietnamese enterprises”, Economics and Forecast, The ministry of Plan and Investment, No. 8 April 2012, pages 34 - 36.

  3. Nguyen Hai Dang - Can Thi Thu Huong (2012), “Three waves of OFDI from development countries and some suggestions for Vietnam”, Economics and Development, The university of National Economics Ha Noi, No. 177 March 2012, pages 3 - 6.

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