Faculty of Accounting and Auditing


- The Faculty of Accounting and Auditing is an affiliated unit of VNU University of Economics and Business.

- The goal of the Faculty: becoming a prestigious training and research center in the field of accounting and auditing, emphasizing the difference in practice-based training and training of international standard. By 2030, the Faculty strives to be among prestigious centers in Southeast Asia providing training and research in accounting and auditing, with degrees accepted by prestigious organizations and associations over the world.


Associate Dean:

Dr. Tran The Nu

Tel: (84-24) 37547506 ext. 707

Email: nutt@vnu.edu.vn



1. Functions:

The function of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing is to organize and implement the training, scientific research, consultancy and international cooperation activities in accounting and auditing in accordance with the vision, mission and research orientations of the VNU-UEB.

2. Responsibilities:

- Providing undergraduate programs in accounting and auditing.

- Providing graduate programs in accounting and auditing.

- Providing short-term training courses in accounting - auditing.

- Conducting research, consulting and providing services related to accounting and auditing.

- Cooperating with domestic and international partners in training and research in the field of accounting and auditing


- Financial Accounting:

  • Renewing Vietnamese tax systems in context of economic integration.
  • Information disclosure of listed companies in the stock markets of Vietnam.
  • Policies of salary, social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance.
  • Issues of inventory and cost of goods sold
  • Financial reports in enterprises
  • Vietnamese accounting standards in comparison with international accounting standards
  • Contemporary issues of accounting

- Management Accounting:

  • Green accounting
  • The system of enterprise risk management
  • Evaluation models of management accounting practices in the world.
  • Factors influencing the evolution of management accounting practices
  • Modern management accounting practices such as cost calculation, cost estimate, measurement of operation balanced scored cards etc.
  • Business analysis of commercial banks

- Auditing:

  • Internal control regulations
  • Internal auditing in commercial banks
  • Influences of auditing activities on the audited enterprises
  • The Taylor rule
  • Quality of auditing reports on financial statements
  • Quality of auditing services of firms

Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, VNU University of Economics and Business

Room 704, E4 Building, 144 Xuan Thuy Rd., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (84-24) 37547506, Ext. 707

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