The Rector’s New Year Message

VNU-UEB Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Hong Son
On the occasion of the New Year 2014 is coming, VNU-UEB Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Hong Son has sent a message to his staff and students as follows:

Dear UEB fellow staff members and students,
On the occasion of the New Year 2014, on behalf of the Party Committee, the Board of Management of the VNU University of Economics and Economics, I cordially sent to all my fellow staff members, graduates and students warmest esteem and best wishes.
2013 has recently marked a new progress of the University of Economics and Economics in the development towards world-class quality. All the UEB staff members and students have overcome difficulties and challenges to achieve encouraging results. The management apparatus of the university has been consolidated rapidly, young and dynamic staff members were assigned key positions while many other UEB staff members promoted to higher pots. In addition, UEB faculty and students received awards for training and research; many more research publications published with high quality, especially international publication. Facilities of the university have been improved constantly, associating the quality of training and management activities and service. Moreover, other activities of the UEB are innovated and improved the quality…
There are the above achievements thanks to the dedication and high sense of responsibility, effort, outstanding efforts the UEB staff, faculty, graduate students and students. That is also due to attentive direction and timely encouragement of VNU leaders and relative ministries, departments and agencies, the enthusiastic coordination of domestic and international partners, especially the support of UEB students and alumni.
The New Year 2014 is expected to be a significant year for the university as it continues its in depth development towards high quality. The university will continue to innovate the governance, enhance the quality of training and research, build facilitation mechanisms as well as encourage and motivate all staff, faculty in devoting their enthusiasm, passion and creativity in all activities.
Despite of many difficulties and challenges ahead, we could be proud of our familial university. I am confident that together with traditional spirit of the whole UEB staff, faculty and students, the university will actively overcome challenges, fulfilling planning tasks of the year 2014 and achieve the strategic objectives set out. I expect that the creativity of the UEB staff and faculty will be promoted at the highest level; UEB students will be inspired to have further achievements, contributing to the development of the university and for our future.
Echoing the joyful atmosphere of the New Year, once again I would like to send to all the UEB staff, faculty and students together with your family warm greetings of good health, happiness and new successes.
Wish a new progress and success for the VNU University of Economics and Business!
Best regards!


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