2014 launching workshop of Thriive project

More businesses are interested in the project
On July 29th 2014, Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDS), VNU University of Economics and Business has held a launching workshop to introduce about the Thriive project - a program for supporting small businesses to get no-interest loan and to repay by charity activities.

The workshop attracted nearly 80 small businesses of different manufacturing sectors. Over eight successful phases of implementing from 2005 up to now, it is believed that the project will continue looking for potential businesses and bring more positive social impacts.
At the conference, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong Huyen - Deputy Director of CEDS introduced about the purpose, significance of the Thriive project and its conditions to participate in the program. In 2014, the project is expected to select 12-14 suitable businesses for loans. The loans will be used to purchase machinery and equipment for production, and capital will be paid by holding the charity activities, donating products for the vulnerable groups in the society.
Besides, Ms. Huyen also shares other benefits for businesses when participating in project, including: training and consulting development for business, being connected in Thriive enterprises community to jointly develop and doing the charity activities.
Next, Ms. Duong Minh Ha - Thriive Project Coordinator provided detailed guidance for businesses about program eligibility, how to register for the program and raising fund..., with emphasis on the two most important points which are the impact of machinery to the development of the business and the impact of loan repayment plan to the community.  


The project officers give advice to the business at seminar

At the launching workshop 2014, there were also some businesses which had been supported by Thriive project from previous years to share some experiences, such as Rural Bee Company, JSC of Vietnamese Products for You, The smiling mushroom company, “To he” company… Mr. Vuong Dinh Hung - Director of Vietnamese Products for You JSC shared: "Thriive is one of the great and significant programs which are very friendly to the business. In particular, the requirements for application package to participate in Thriive are not complicated so any businesses that can also access this fund. Thriive brings positive effects both physically and mentally. In addition, Thriive businesses also have the opportunity to exchange, share, cooperate and support each others.”


Stands of the participating Thriive businesses

The dedication, enthusiasm of enterprises as well as the interest of the majority of potential businesses is a great motivation to continue the Thriive project and developing activities in the future. The organizers hope and believe that Thriive Project 2014 will attract more worthy enterprises to strengthen the mission "To develop business, support the community" of Thriive project.

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