GPAC 2014: Exciting Debate Competition and successful closing ceremony

Delegation of the VNU University of Economics and Business at GPAC 2014
On August 28th 2014, after the team division and preparation in the morning, the “Debate Competition” within the GPAC 2014 framework was held at Nguyen Van Dao Meeting Hall, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU).

All of the professors and students from eight participating universities were divided into 12 debate groups for three topics: Competition and Cooperation in Asian region, Green Economics in Asian region and New Business Model for Asian Enterprises.
Assigned to every four groups, each topic included challenging issues regarding economic competition, business and cooperation with enterprises in Asian region; purchasing green goods, sustainable environment and environmental management in the current economy; e-business and new business model; technology and production management, social responsibility of enterprises; delivery management and supply-chain transport.
During the debate competition, each student group, including all members from eight participating universities took turn to present their topics and responded to questions given by the Organization Board. Though 10 minutes of presentation and five minutes of answering questions, most of the groups were able to highlight their opinions and highly appreciated by the Judges.

Student groups present their topics at the Debate section.

All presented issues received much attention from the debating group, the Judges and the other groups. Although some issues might be familiar, the presentations were very interesting since it was the combination of different viewpoints from students in different countries.
After four hours of debating, highest prizes went to three groups: Group 3 - topic of Green economics in Asian region, Group 7 - Competition and Cooperation in Asian region, and Group 12 - New Business Model for Asian Enterprises. These prizes will be awarded in the Closing Ceremony in the evening of the same day.

Prof. Sang Kee Min shares his feelings after GPAC 2014, expressing his gratitute to the hosting university

Speaking at the GPAC 2014 closing ceremony, Prof. Sang Kee Min - on behalf of GPAC Council of Foundations stressed that GPAC 2014 in Vietnam was really very successful in continuing its long-lasting traditions, creating an exchange environment for students from different participating universities. He also congratulated on the Organization Board for successful GPAC event.

Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Vice Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business

Representative of VNU University of Economics and Business, Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Vice Rector expressed his special thanks to the professor, lecturers and students from Asian Universities for participating in GPAC 2014 in Vietnam and contributing to the success of GPAC this year. He also wished that, GPAC events will be more and more successful in the upcoming years.

Prof. Kun Ming Chen - Chengchi National University

Representative of Chengchi National University, the host of GPAC 2015, Prof. Kun Ming Chen thanked the Organization Board, participating universities and hoped that, Chengchi National University, will be honour to conduct well settled targets.

Delegations of universities took a memorable photo at GPAC 2014 closing ceremony

On the evening of August 27th, the “Talent show”, with the participation of all students and lecturers from the hosting and participating universities, created an extremely vivid atmosphere beside the previous academic Discussion and Debate events. After the show, the first prize was awarded to Keio University (Japan), the runner-up was Chengchi National University (Taiwan) and Chiba University of Commerce (Japan) got the third.

The closing ceremony is considered as the finishing point for the official activities of GPAC this year. On August 28th, all delegations will enjoy a sightseeing tour in Ninh Binh province and return to home countries on August 29th.

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