5 outstanding achievements of the VNU-UEB in the school year 2014-2015

The VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) has gained remarkable achievement in the school year of 2014-2015 thanks to effort and creativity of the staffs, faculties and students of the university. In this article, we would like to introduce the 5 outstanding achievements of this school year.

1. Completion of effective organizational structure and staff to meet up requirements of development

To meet up with the development requirements in both research and training, this year, the VNU University of Economics and Business established the first research institute (Institute for Economic Research and Policy, VEPR) from upgrading the Center for Economics and Policy Research and founded the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing from the Department of Accounting and Auditing of Faculty of Finance and Banking. The establishment of VEPR created the foundation for the institute to deploy additional research/training activities, which contribute to the development of Vietnam's economy and attract participation of researchers at home and abroad. Similarly, foundation of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing will extend the training program of current great demand in the society.

Last school year, the UEB had the first faculty recognized as Professor and 6 others received Associate Professor title. Moreover, the University also attracted 1 Associate Professor and 4 PhD in teaching. This enhances the qualification and quality of teaching as well as affirms the prestige of the university.

2. The number of articles published in scientific journals of ISI and Scopus database strongly increased with 22 articles on ISI/Scopus system over 32 international posts (compared to 14 articles in 2013-2014). This was achieved thanks to direction and guide from leaders of the university as well as efforts of faculties in scientific research. Building research capacity of faculty members is also an important factor in the general goals of becoming Research University of the UEB.

3. Another 2 research teams were recognized as strong research teams of Vietnam National University

This year, the research team "International Economic Integration" (headed by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son) and the research team "Productivity and quality in Vietnamese enterprises" (headed by Dr. Phan Chi Anh) were recognized as strong research team of Vietnam National University. Thus, along with the research team "Theory and macroeconomic policies in the context of economic integration of Vietnam" headed by Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Director of Vietnam Institute for Economics and Policy Research, the UEB has 3 strong research teams at VNU level (out of 21 ones). Besides, the University has formed 10 other research teams of different research orientations. These research teams are aimed at practical study, which contributes to social and economic development of the country.

4. The quality of education was improved

Aiming at providing the society with high-quality human resources of international standards, the university alway puts strong emphasis on training quality with orientation of innovation and pioneer.

In early 2015, the UEB received the AUN-QA Quality Certificate for the program of “Bachelor in Business Administration”. The program was highly valued in many aspects such as the quality of lecturers, training program with inspiring teaching and studying methodology, practical-based learning with many opportunities to improve field knowledge such as self learning projects, teamwork or international exchange programs. The program was also appreciated for its explicit criteria in assessing teaching and learning capacity, which helpfully support learners and teachers in making and adjusting working plan… The assessment of AUN gave the path for the UEB to improve other training programs toward international standards.

In May 2015, the Vietnam National University, including the University of Economics and Business, successfully organized the 1st university entrance exam following the capability assessment method. New enrollment method has received great interest of the society as well as students across the country.

5. Breakthrough development of business consulting and short-term training

From September 2014 to June 2015, the University coordinated with some provinces and local enterprises to deploy 20 short-term training courses, 3 business consulting contracts. Developing short-term training courses and business consulting activities is an important step in achieving the goals of practical training and research, transfer of research products to the Governments, organizations, businesses and society of the UEB.

From the first consulting contract with Vietnam Air Petrol Company Limited (VINAPCO), up to now, the UEB has been implementing consulting contracts with Citicom JSC, Alphanam Investment JSC and Alphanam Electrical Engineering, strategic consulting contract with IDT company or some research consulting contract for Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), research consultancy sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland on "Assessment of the financial capacity of social enterprises in Vietnam".

Last school year, the UEB continued effective implementation of short-term training courses for many local businesses. Increase of short-term training courses and consulting activities not only contributes to the accomplishment of set objectives but also opens up new opportunities for cooperation and maintains existing cooperation between the university and businesses, local authorities. This also affirms the prestige of the University in the society and business community.

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