Celebration of Vietnamese Teacher's Day

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Rector of the UEB introduced outstanding achievements of the past school year
To celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day and express deep gratitude to generations of leaders, staff and lecturers of the VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB), on 17th October 2015, the UEB solemnly held the anniversary of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day with participation of generations of lecturers.

The anniversary took place in a warm and joyful atmosphere with deep gratitude to contributions of lecturers in development of the University.

The lecturers expressed joy when being welcomed in a warm anniversary annually. This is also an occasion for friends, colleagues to get together and recall good memories of the previous Faculty of Political Economics and present VNU University of Economics and Business. The retired lecturers also shared the expectation on seeing a further developed UEB in the future.

Leaders of the University presented flowers to retired lecturers

Retired lecturer Hoang Trung (in blue) at the ceremony

Sharing with us after the ceremony, retired lecturer Hoang Trung expressed emotional feelings when attending the annual ceremony. He said he had supervised many generations of students and attached to the previous Faculty of Political Economics. Till now, the University always recalls him of the close and warm relationships between lecturers and students. This is also the pride and precious tradition of the VNU University of Economics and Business. Reminding the lecturers, Mr. Hoang Trung said, teachers must be knowledgeable, teaching knowledge must be integrated with social information, that’s the way to attract students and deliver knowledge.

Here are some photos of the ceremony recorded:

Joyful atmosphere of the day

Students with beautiful songs to the lecturers

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi - Dean of the Faculty of International Economics and Business expressed gratitute to guidance of the teachers at the previous Faculty of Political Economics - created foundation for success of the students today

The retired lecturers in youthful and lively songs

Lecturers and staff took photo together

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