The new year letter from Rector of the UEB

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son
Letter from Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son – Rector, to the Lecturers, Staff, and Students of VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB).

Dear Lecturers, Staff, and Students,

On the occasion of the New Year 2016, on behalf of the Party Committee and the Management Board of VNU University of Economics and Business, I would like to convey my cordial greetings and best wishes to the generations of lecturers, staff, and students who have worked and/or studied at the University.

The year 2015 witnessed that the University had successfully accomplished the very first phase of its development strategy to 2020; it also saw the solidarity and restless efforts that all the lecturers, staff and students had made in overcoming challenges so that it could gain noteworthy achievements and maintain development orientations for a solid foundation for its development in the following stage.

The year 2016, however, starts an acceleration phase of the University in accomplishing strategic goals to 2020; it marks the important tenth anniversary of the establishment and the significant forty-fifth anniversary of the tradition of the University. In 2016, global integration and education reform activities are promoted strongly both in width and in depth and are believed to have created either opportunities or challenges for the University. In such a context, in order to accomplish the set goals, I do believe that turning difficulties into opportunities, turning opportunities into achievements through solidarity and consensus, innovation and creativity, flexibility and professionalism should be the motto of each of our faculty, staff and students.

The tradition of solidity and consensus, the high qualification and passion, the brand name creation, the high-quality, unique and autonomous academic programs, the practically diversified and international research programs (reality is truth, reality testifies, and reality is that which goes through), the establishment of strategic partnership networks, and the autonomy-oriented university administration... provide us with a basis for believing in a stable and sustainable development (with breakthrough in some activities) of the University in 2016 and the years later.

As the spring of 2016 is arriving in everyone’s home, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the University’s generations of lecturers and staff good health and happiness. I would like to extend my best wishes to the University’s graduate and undergraduate students for success in their journey to knowledge, and evermore strength in their own lives.

I again would like to wish the family of VNU University of Economics and Business great strength so as to be able to build the University and to make contributions to the country’s cause of science and education.

With very best wishes,

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