Ending the external assessment under regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training

Interviews with learners and PhD students of the UEB
Following regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the quality assessment delegation from Center for Quality Assurance, Vietnam National University, HCM headed by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dinh Duc Anh Vu has conducted the external assessment at VNU University of Economics and Business.

After 4 days of working, the delegation has worked with the self-assessment council of the UEB, interviewed with the board of management, leaders and staff of subordinate units, met and discussed with leaders of Party Committee, organizations, learners and enterprises/organizations hiring graduates from the UEB. The delegation also visited the facilities of the University and collected evidences to build the report for quality assessment at the UEB.

At the closing ceremony on 25th March, with participation of the board of management and the self assessment council of the University, the quality assessment delegation presented the preliminary report, stating strengths, limitations and suggestions for improvement etc. for the UEB.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dinh Duc Anh Vu presents the report after the working session at the UEB

According to the preliminary report, the University is highly valued and appreciated for the following strengths:
(i) The mission of the University is consistent with the functions, tasks, resources and development orientation as well as aligned with the economic and social development strategy of Hanoi and the whole country.

(ii) Information technology is applied in various activities of the University (online teacher evaluation software, online tuition payment, time tracking system, document management software etc.).

(iii) The organizations/unions of the University operate effectively with high appreciation.

(iv) The University has a specialized unit for quality assurance.

(v) The training programs were developed in comparison with other training programs, consultation with experts and feedbacks from learners and employers. The University also established clear objectives for the training programs with periodical adjustment. The continuity of the training programs is high; students can obtain two degrees or pursue higher education. The University also had two training programs accredited by AUN-QA.

(vi) In addition, the UEB has extensive training forms, including honor, high-quality and international standard programs, short-term training courses and international joint training programs. The University also implemented an effective system on teacher and student evaluation. The database on training activities and information of graduates was built.

(vii) Human resources (managers, lecturers and staff) are highly appreciated with majority of lecturers having high qualifications on teaching and research, friendly and skillful staff. The University also builds up training programs to foster young lecturers.

However, the quality assessment delegation also noted some limitations in activities of the University and offered suggestions for improvements. These points will be compiled to draft the quality accreditation report. The delegation ended the working session on 25th March 2016.

The results of the quality assessment have provided the University with more insights on its strengths and limitations, from which, the UEB can proceed with effective solutions for further improvements, aiming at the mission: “to become a leading research-oriented university in the field of economics, being recognized at national assessment standard with some programs achieving Quality Assurance standards of ASEAN University Network (AUN - QA), ranking among advanced universities in ASEAN in some sectors and fields.”

Some photos of the external assessment at the UEB:

The external assessment delegation interview with lecturers of the UEB

Interviews with graduates of the UEB

Discussion with employers hiring graduates of the UEB

The external assessment delegation take a photo with leaders of the UEB

More photos of the external assessment are updated in the Photo Galery of this website.

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