Establishment of the Institute of Business Administration

On 28th July 2016, the Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) signed the decision No. 2051/QD-DHKT on the establishment of the Institute of Business Administration developed from the Faculty of Business Administration of the UEB.

Accordingly, the Institute of Business Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) has its own seal and bank account, perform functions and duties in accordance with the regulations on organization and operation issued by the Rector of the UEB, which is of compliance with policies and laws of the State, regulations of the UEB and Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

The Institute has the following function and tasks:

1. Function:

a) Training of undergraduate, masters and doctorate in business administration and other related fields.

b) Short-term training, domestic training in business administration and related fields.

c) Scientific research, consultancy and transferring research results in the field of management and business to individuals and organizations domestically and internationally in all sectors of the economy.

d) Cooperating and linking with local and international organizations to researching, consulting, organizing conferences, seminars and training in business administration (excluding international joint training).

2. Tasks:

2.1. Managing officers, employees and students of the Institute as regulated by the University of Economics and Business.

2.2. Planning and implementing educational and training activities under the general plan of the University, including:

a) Compiling the training programs of sectors and majors as assigned by the UEB;

b) Organizing the compilation of detailed outlines of related subjects to ensure consistency and avoid overlap between the subjects of the training program or between levels of training;

c) Developing training program, setting up projects, compiling documents and curriculum following development orientation of the University;

d) Organizing research and study to improve teaching and learning methods; building and implementing methods to evaluate student’s academic performance, ensuring outcome standards as committed, meeting demands of labor market.

2.3. Planning and organizing science and technology activities, international cooperation; cooperation with science and technology institutions, manufacturers and mobilizing participation of enterprises in the training process of the Institute.

2.4. Building plans to develop the staff, training fields and facilities to serve the training and research, enhancing conditions to ensure the training quality.

2.5. Developing plans and organizing education of politics, ideology, moral for staffs, employees, students; building plans to foster professional qualifications for staffs of the Institute.

2.6. Organizing assessment of staffs as well as participating in evaluation of management staff of the University as regulated.

2.7. Generating incomes for the Institute and the University through short-term training and other activities.

2.8. Performing other duties as regulated and assigned by the Rector of the UEB.

The decision takes effect from the date of signing.

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