Orientation Day for Thriive Businesses 2016

On 26th October 2016, the Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDS), VNU University of Economics and Business - coordinating partner of Thriive’s program in Hanoi, organized “Orientation Day for Thriive businesses 2016”.

The workshop had the participation of Dr. Pham Vu Thang - Director of CEDS, Thriive Hanoi coordinators, international interns, volunteers and owners of businesses selected to receive Thriive capital in 2016.

After 3 selection rounds of the program, 14 outstanding businesses will be supported by Thriive Hanoi with a free-interest loan from USD 2.300 to USD 10.000 per business.

In the workshop, Thriive Hanoi coordinators provided all important information and explanations related to documents and procedures to receive the loan.

All the business owners brought to the workshop their introduction package of products and services as well as their personal contact for their own display corner. The workshop was an opportunity for them to meet, discuss, associate, as well as participate in interesting interactive activities.

At the end of the workshop, all the business owners expressed their hope to have long-lasting collaborations with the program and hoped that Thriive Hanoi operating model would be strongly developed in the future.

Launched in 2005, Thriive Hanoi is the collaboration program between CEDS, UEB and Thriive US, which aims at helping enterprises to grow, create more job opportunities and spread positive social impacts. Thriive supports small and medium enterprises free-interest loan (from USD 2300 to USD 10.000 per business) to buy machines and consult for business development. The loan will be covered within 2 years by 2 methods: conducting free training courses and giving their own products or services for vulnerable community.

Ngoc Quynh (CEDS)

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