Noteworthy achievements and events of the UEB in 2016

The year 2016 is the first year VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) has deployed the Resolution of the 5th Party Congress of the University. This year, the University also strived to overcome difficulties of previous years while building a solid foundation for sustainable developments in the following years. With a tradition of solidarity and restless efforts of all staff, lecturers and employees of the University, the UEB has gradually overcome difficulties and gained remarkable achievements. Let's review the noteworthy achievements and events of the University in 2016.


1. VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) was ranked highly in the field of international publication with 22 articles of ISI/Scopus
In 2016, international publication of the UEB remained high with 28 articles, of which 22 ones were listed in ISI/Scopus (compared to 16 articles of 2015) and 2 articles posted in reputable journal of Q1 ranking (highly-cited). This year, the Faculty of Political Economics had the largest number of international publication, especially, Dr. Tran Quang Tuyen – Lecturer of the Faculty had nine articles. Accordingly, the index of published articles over each lecturer of the UEB ranked high in Vietnam.
Also in 2016, for the first time, all faculties of the UEB had articles posted in international reputable journals. The result is due to efforts of UEB’s lecturers and supporting policies of the UEB and VNU in enhancing research capacity of the lecturers. It also affirmed the development strategy of becoming research-oriented university of international standard of the UEB.

2. The UEB received the certificate of Institutional Accreditation set by the Ministry of Education and Training

On 6th October 2016, together with two other members of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, the UEB honored to receive the certificate of Institutional Accreditation following standards set by the Ministry of Education and Training. Accordingly, the UEB is one of the first six universities receiving the certificate. This is an honor, pride and recognition for enduring efforts of all staff and lecturers of the UEB in building an education center of international standards.



Vice President of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City - Nguyen Hoi Nghia awards certificate for the UEB - VNU

3. Establishment of the School of Business Administration under VNU University of Economics and Business

On 24th December 2016, the UEB solemnly held the ceremony to announce the establishment of the School of Business Administration (SBA). This is the first affiliated training school under the university, pioneering in Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The school has its own seal, bank accounts, having autonomous mechanism, self-responsibility towards the trend of university autonomy and strategic development of the UEB and Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The establishment of the School of Business Administration partially contributed to completion of the organization structure of the University, while enhancing operation effectiveness of members of the UEB.

4. Organization of various large-scaled and influential conferences

In 2016, the UEB continued organizing many international such as: International conference "Rule of Law in Asia: Vietnam and TPP"; “Asia Pacific Conference on Information Management 2016 (APCIM 2016)”; "Developing Border Trade: International experience and implications for Vietnam”; "Japanese Management in Asia: Building Business Partnerships in Vietnam"; participated in organizing “International Conference on Vietnamese Studies” as head of the 5th subcommittee on Economics and Livelihood. The international conferences have attracted attention of various professors and scholars at home and abroad. In 2016, the UEB also held many domestic conferences, including the launching conference of Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2016; the conference on “The role of green banking model in transforming the economic growth model - international experiences and policy implications” with participants from many ministries, sectors as well as leading experts and researchers of Vietnam. These conferences created forum for scholars and experts to exchange research products, enhanced research and training capacity of lecturers and staff of the UEB as well as expanding the cooperation network with domestic and international individuals and organizations.


At the International conference "Rule of Law in Asia: Vietnam and TPP"

5. Opening four new undergraduate and graduate training programs

In 2016, the UEB opened four high quality training programs, including: bachelor programs in Business Administration and International Economics, master programs in Financial Institution Management and Maritime Economics. Also in 2016, the first intake of the bachelor programs in Business Administration and International Economics have been successful enrolled, meanwhile, the other two master programs are currently open for admission. These training programs are need-based designed and will further improve the training quality of the University as well as promote branding of the UEB in high quality training activities.

6. Seven UEB’s lecturers received titles of Professor and Associate Professor

In 2016, seven lecturers of the University received the titles of Professor and Associate Professor, three of whom are faculty members, increasing the number of Professor and Associate Professor of the UEB to 2 Professors and 22 Associate Professors. With the ratio of Professor/Associate Professor and PhD among lecturers reaching 23% and 73% respectively, the UEB satisfies more than requirements for research university following guidance of Vietnam National University (60% lecturers are PhD and 20% are Professor/Associate Professor). This shows the increase in quality of teaching staff, the most important factor to enhance quality of training and research activities of the University.


Prof. Tran Van Nhung – General Secretary of the National Council for Professor Title awards certificate of Associate Professor for Dr. Nguyen Truc Le

7. Number of national project increased sharply

In 2016, the University succeeded in bidding eleven national projects of various research fields, such as KX01, KX04, the Northwest, Climate Change, Nafoster Fund etc. These are important resources to support research activities of UEB’s lecturers as well as expanding network of partnership etc. This also shows improvement in research capacity of UEB’s lecturers and staff.

8. UEB Development Fund officially came into operation

In 2016, Development Fund of the UEB with capital of one billion VND and three founders, including VNU University of Economics and Business, Alphanam Group and IMG Group officially came into operation. This is the first development supporting fund within Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The fund attracts resources to support researches of lecturers, researchers and students of the University as the government budget gradually reduces.

9. Pioneering in development and application of information technology in management, training and research activities

VNU University of Economics and Business is the first member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi successfully implementing online tuition payment and online time and attendance tracking system. The UEB is also the first unit of VNU developing mobile-web. In 2016, UEB’s website continues to be highly rated on development of digital resources among members of VNU. This result shows the efforts of the UEB in quickly and comprehensively providing information about activities of the University as well as scientific documents to staff, lecturers, students and partners of the University.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Viet Khoi presents in font of international scholars in Tokyo (Japan) within the framework of Asian Leadership Forum in 2014. Source: I-House, Tokyo, Japan

10. Lecturers of the UEB are highly appreciated on research and consulting capacity and were invited to take part in research projects and national advisory council

In 2016, lecturers of the UEB were invited to take part in management board of the National Key Program on Science and Technology in the period 2016-2020, code KX01/16/20 of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Scientific Council of Economics term 2016-2018 of the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (Nafoster); Advisory Council on National Financial and Monetary Policies; Central Theoretical Council etc. This shows the recognition of the society to the UEB’s achievement in research and consulting as well as the capacity of lecturers in research and consulting.

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