Improving education quality following AUN-QA standards

On 31st October and 1st November, 2017, staffs of VNU University of Economics and Business attended the training course on "Improving the quality of training management following AUN - QA standard". The course was held by Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Representatives of the UEB attending the course included MA. Ngo Thi Thu Ha - Deputy Head of Office of Academic Affairs, Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh - Deputy Director of School of Business Administration, Dr. Luu Quoc Dat - Lecturer of Faculty of Development Economics, Dr. Tran The Nu - Associate Dean of Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Viet Khoi - Associate Dean of Faculty of International Economics and Business.

The course aims to give its participants information about the 4.0 industrial revolution and its effects on education and training; new regulatory documents in the field of training (opening of new programs), the standards for quality assurance in AUN-QA training management, improving quality management following AUN-QA standards. Meanwhile, participants at the course also learned from experiences of domestic and ASEAN universities and listened to some recommendations for VNU members.

With sharing of leading experts on training and accreditation of VNU such as Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dinh Duc - Director of Academic Affairs Department; Dr. Nghiem Xuan Huy - Director of Institute for Education Quality Assurance; Prof.Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia - Vice Rector of VNU University of Natural Science, participants at the course can acquire valuable knowledge and experiences in developing training programs following AUN-QA standards. The course also opened a forum for exchange and sharing about training activities among members of VNU.

The staff of the UEB attending the course will be the human resources for developing, implementing and evaluating the training programs of the University, especially the internal quality assurance following AUN-QA. With the knowledge learned from this course, the staffs of UEB can complete and improve the training quality and education assurance of the University.

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