Outstanding events and achievements of the UEB in 2017

The year 2017 marked the important milestone of the UEB when the University celebrated the 10th anniversary of establishment and toward 45 years of tradition. We introduce to readers the outstanding events and achievements of the UEB in 2017:

1. Successful organization and attraction of 1.3 billion VND for the 10th Anniversary of establishment and toward 45 years of tradition.

In November 2017, the UEB successfully organized a series of activities celebrating its 10 years of establishment and to 45 years of tradition. This provides an opportunity for generations of leaders, lecturers, staff and students of the University to look back on the development and achievements over the years. This is an important event, marking the great development of the Faculty of Economics since 1974 and the success of VNU in building multi-disciplinary and multidisciplinary structure and providing the society with high quality human resources to meet the requirements of the industrialization and modernization of the country.


2. The number of international publications remains high

The number of international publications of the UEB has increased sharply with 34 articles published in international journals. Especially, many studies have been published in prestigious international journals in the ISI/Scopus database. Large number of studies in ISI/Scopus has attracted attention and funding from local and international organizations. The studies were collaborative work between the UEB and international scholars and experts. This is one of the great contributions to the development of the university towards research orientation.

The UEB awarded authors of international articles in 2017

3. Successful undergraduate enrollment

The UEB has successfully enrolled the undergraduate programs following the results of the National High School Graduation Examination. With 6 standard disciplines and 3 high-quality training disciplines, the University has enrolled 710 students, including 176 high-quality students of 3 majors in International Economics, Business Administration and Finance - Banking right in the first enrollment period.

Opening ceremony of the school year 2017-2018

4. Successful bidding for many state-level projects with the funding of more than 20 billion VND

In 2017, the UEB has outstanding achievements in research activities, especially with state-level projects. VNU-UEB has successfully bid for state-level projects in various fields such as: "Research and assessment of water source for planning of water resources: Experiment on Dong Nai river”, “Allocation of resources in the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam: current situation, issues and solutions"; "Scientific proofs for the formation and development of transboundary economic zones in Vietnam", "Proposing solutions for the development and management of trade (goods and services) borders in the West North ", together with 8 Nafosted projects.

In addition, in 2017, Vietnam National University, Hanoi recognized one more strong research group and one potential research group.

5. Attracting 1 billion VND sponsorship from Mitsubishi Corporation to renovate multi-functional room 801

The UEB has been sponsored to repair, renovate and upgrade the room 801. Measured ​​nearly 180 m2 in dimension with capacity of 170 people, the 801 multi-functional room is the venue for important events of the University, such as international and national conferences, seminars, meetings, party etc. The room are equipped with modern equipment, including 300-inch screen, air conditioning and professional audio system, wifi and modern furniture.

Leaders of Mitsubishi Vietnam and the UEB at the inauguration ceremony

6. Enrollment of the first intake of Doctoral Program in Economic Management

After two years of development, Vietnam National University has approved the program framework and conditions to allow the UEB to start enrollment from 2017. The UEB has recruited 4 PhD candidates from universities, research institutes and state management agencies to date.

7. External assessment of two bachelor programs

The UEB carried out the assessment of the bachelor programs in Finance-Banking and Accounting following the evaluation standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. This is considered a key task of the University on the way to complete assessment of all training program by 2020.

External assessment of the bachelor program in Finance and Banking

8. Strong development of international partnership and joint training cooperation

In 2017, the UEB promoted signing Memorandum of Understanding with international partners. Number of lecturers and students attending the exchange programs and international experts visiting the UEB was sharply increased with 70 times of academics attending international conferences, seminars and exchanges; 50 times of students attending international exchanges, 140 times of international experts and 180 times of foreign students visiting the UEB.

MOU signing ceremony between the UEB and CMA

9. Successful organization of many large-scaled international conferences

VNU-UEB cooperated with international and domestic partners to organize large-scale conferences, namely the international conference on “Development of Mekong region in the Asean dynamic context”; “Some international theoretical issues and experiences in building, management and development of cross border economic zones (CBEZ)”; “Launching conference of Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2017”.

Launching conference of Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2017 

10. UEB’s website was highly evaluated by Vietnam National University, Hanoi

UEB’s website is an important information channel of the University. The UEB has strived to provide a quick source of comprehensive and trustworthy information to lecturers, staffs, students and partners of the University.

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