Food festival at the UEB on International Women's Day

On 8th March 2018, the Union of VNU University of Economics and Business held a food festival on campus to celebrate the International Women's Day as well as raise money to support students with difficulties.

Attending the festival is a large number of lecturers, staff and students. UEB’s union is divided into teams, each serving a specific disk on the spot. The purpose of the festival is to strengthen the cohesion between all staffs and lecturers of the university, create a joyful atmosphere on the International Women's Day and strengthen the office culture of VNU University of Economics and Business. At the same time, part of the money collected from the food festival will be donated to help UEB’s students with difficulties.
All the teams donated money to support the students with difficult circumstances. After the festival, the UEB union received over 13 million VND of donation.
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