University admission in 2018: which discipline to choose?

University admission in 2018 is expected to see changes in students’ options on disciplines to study for their future career. What’re the demands for each disciplines, let’s take a quick look on them.

International Business,

The further integration of Vietnam into the world economy is proving the need for human resource development. Especially, it is required to train and develop a young workforce with strong knowledge and understanding of international business, foreign language and communication.

Vietnam has developed partnership with many countries all over the world and become an ideal destination for many transnational and multinational companies. Graduates in International Economics are capable of working in the field of logistics and supply chain, import and export, international finance or foreign investment.

Business Administration

Business administration is one of the most attractive disciplines for young people, especially in recent years. Take into measure the small and medium enterprises only; Vietnam has about 20 thousand enterprises. In the economic development of every country, business administration is regarded as the center of the economy.

At present, the process of international economic integration has been strongly developed. Numbers of jobs in this field has been grown over the years. Graduates from business administration have the opportunity to work in marketing, human resources management, finance or start their own business.

Finance and Banking, Accounting

According to the statistics issued by General Statistics Office of Vietnam, economic sectors account for 40% of the total recruitment demand in 2017. After the "freezing" period, banking and finance is one of the top growth sectors in Vietnam in recent years. According to the Center for Human Resource Demand, in the period 2016-2025, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be in need of nearly 200,000 positions in finance, banking, credit, insurance etc., promising more employment opportunities for graduates in this field.

Whatever the size of the business, it’s crucial to have an accounting department. This is an indispensable part, making up the core of all financial activities. With that importance, accounting will remain the hot sector in the recruitment market in Vietnam.

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