Internationalization of education accreditation - part of UEB’s strategy to integrate global education

The quality of training is considered as the key factor of the VNU University of Economics and Business. Improvement and internationalization of education accreditation is the core task of the University over the time.

Accreditation of education is one of the quality assurance activities taken outside the institution. The process of education accreditation aims to make accreditation decisions regarding the standards, the level of progress, the quality assurance of education at universities and colleges, therefore, constantly improve the training quality.
In Vietnam, the process of education accreditation usually follows four steps: developing and updating tools for accreditation, self-assessments of the institution, assessment from external organizations (domestic and international organizations) and institution accreditation.
Regarding this issue, the Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business had shared with us his presentation at the conference on quality accreditation on training program for managers held by the Center for Education Accreditation - Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.
Question: Can you tell about the current condition of education accreditation at the UEB?
Answer: With the first priority put on training quality, the UEB has been speeding up the process of education accreditation. At present, the University has 70% of the programs accredited, 50% of which have been accredited by the AUN standards and 50% of the programs have been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training. In 2018, the UEB will complete its self-assessment report to move on with the rest of the programs, which are expected to be fully accredited in 2019.

Rector of the UEB answers questions from attendant at the conference on quality accreditation

Question: Can you tell about the UEB’s activities in international education integration and education accreditation and how these activities benefit the students?

Answer: VNU University of Economics and Business has strongly implemented the accreditation of training programs, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the university, thereby, improve the quality of the education. Education accreditation is the key to this as it reflects the quality of training in measurable results.

The UEB has long pursued the strategy of internationalization and started to accredit the training programs following standards of the region and the Ministry of Education and Training. The UEB also ranked among the top universities with highest number of international papers published in the ISI/Scopus in Vietnam.

The University has strategy to approach international education standards in various aspects: Teaching methods and lectures follows international standards, 72% of lecturers graduated from developed countries, various case studies from enterprises, groups or organizations; advanced facilities etc. Besides, the extended network of the UEB’s partners brought many activities for students, such as exchange programs, lectures with experts and professors, top-up programs etc.

The attendants at the conference take a shot together

With its commitment and education strategy, VNU University of Economics and Business is confident in providing high quality human resources for the society in the context of global integration.

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