Thriive’s business and hostel for the poor in Hanoi

Thriive is a cooperative program between the Center for Economic Development Studies, VNU-UEB and Thriive Inc. (USA) to support small businesses with interest-free loans for the purchase of machinery, equipment, business development and social responsibility enhancement. The aim of this loan is to stimulate business growth, create employment opportunities and positive social impact.

Recently, Bach Viet Industrial Cleaning - one of Thriive’s businesses visit a hostel for the poor near the Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi. The hostel was built by Mr Nguyen The Hiep - a warm-hearted man who rents the house for the poor patients in the hospital with low price or free. As planned, Thriive Hanoi and Bach Viet will clean the whole 3 areas of the hostel once a week. The work will be done by industrial machine. The cleaning will take place from now to the Lunar New Year.

Previously, Bach Viet got the loan from Thriive Hanoi with zero interest to expand the business. This is the first payback program of the company to support the poor and the vulnerable community.

Thriive is the cooperative program between the Thriive US and Centre of Economic Development Studies (CEDS), VNU University of Economics and Business since 2005. The program aims to develop sustainable communities through supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises.

The small and medium sized enterprises taking part in Thriive regardless of business fields have the goals of developing and supporting vulnerable community. By 2017, Thriive Hanoi has given loans to 150 enterprises, which created 1.634 new jobs and donated products/services to more than 120.000 poor people in 24 Northern provinces of Vietnam. The beneficial of the project include the poor, the disabled, the minority, the old and orphans etc.



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