UEB’s lecturer presents at workshop on cost management in 4.0 industrial revolution

On July 28th, 2018, Company Enterprise Management Software (FAST) cooperated with graduate programs of VNU University of Economics and Business held the workshop on "Cost Management in 4.0 industrial revolution".

The workshop was held to bring useful information for FAST’s customers. The workshop invited Dr. Tran The Nu - Associate Dean of Faculty of Auditing and Accounting, VNU University of Economics and Business to speak to FAST’s customers.
At the workshop, the customers not only get listen to sharing from Dr. Nu but also participate in the mini games which help them to work out the core ideas of the presentation.
Dr. Tran The Nu presents at the workshop
Dr. Tran The Nu handles gifts to winners of the mini games 

The workshop attracted interest from participants and was highly appreciated by the customers. Many of the customers including chief accountants and directors of business had the same impression that: The workshop is really good and rewarding, hopefully, more useful workshop will be held in the future.

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