Ten noteworthy events and achievements of the UEB in 2019

Starting the new year of 2020, we gladly introduce the ten noteworthy events and achievements of the VNU University of Economics and Business in 2019 – a successful year of the University.

1. VNU University of Economics and Business officially launched the new logo and celebrated 45 years of tradition

Celebrating the 45th year of tradition of the University, the UEB officially launched the new logo since 22nd May 2019. The launch of our refreshed brand identity kicks-off a new era in the development of the university, building the image of a dynamic, modern university.


On 16th November 2019, the UEB held the anniversary of 45th year of tradition and establishment of the UEB’s Association of Alumni in Flamingo Dai Lai, Vinh Phuc Province. The event was the chance for generations of UEB’s students, lecturers, staffs and alumni to meet and share about the tradition of the University throughout 45 years of development.

2. The undergraduate admission rate increased by 34.6% compared to 2018

The year 2019 marked a turning point in the undergraduate admission of the university. The total number of admitted students is 1,300, increasing 34.6% compared to 2018. The entering grade is also higher than the previous year.


The UEB is currently promoting cooperation with the high schools, especially the high schools for gifted students in Hanoi and adjacent provinces and providing career orientation for them.

3. Promoting comprehensive innovation in teaching and heading toward education globalization

Following the strategy of education globalization, the UEB further promoted the activities toward globalization, in which comprehensive innovation of teaching activities is first prioritized.

With the tradition of unity, the UEB is determined to comprehensively renovate teaching activities aiming to improve the quality of its outcome, equipping the students with ability to work abroad and becoming global citizen.

Representatives of VNU working with the UEB on comprehensive innovation of training activities 

In 2019, the University has initially applied innovative methods in teaching activities, including using simulation games, information technology as well as assessment from advanced international university. The UEB also changed its management toward simplifying administrative procedure, cooperating with prestigious universities to undertake exchange programs for the students.

4. Affirming its strength in research within the VNU’s universities with remarkable growth in the number of international publication and conferences.

In 2019, the UEB gained remarkable achievements in research, especially the University has been undertaking 17 state-level projects. The international publication increased sharply with 63 artilces published in international journals, among which 40 are listed on ISI/Scopus. Compared to the previous school year, the number of international articles has increased by 40%.


In addition, the UEB has successfully organized 28 international and national conferences/seminars, attracting thousands of speakers and delegates from many countries around the world. In 2019, UEB is entrusted by Vietnam National University, Hanoi to conduct research and develop the Vietnam National Geography – Economics section.

5. Successfully organized the Young Scholar Initiative Asia Convening 2019

From 12th to 15th August, 2019, the UEB cooperated with the Young Scholar Initiative Program (YSI) of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) to organize the Asian Young Economic Conference 2019. This is the first YSI Conference held in Asia.


The conference attracted 400 domestic and international scholars, including more than 200 young international scholars, 24 professors are international experts, 5 keynote speakers are the leading experts in economics together with nearly 200 Vietnamese scholars.

6. The UEB in collaboration with Springer Publisher to hold the first international conference on Economics, Development and Sustainability

On 15th November, 2019, the UEB cooperated with Springer Publishing House to hold the First International Conference on Economics, Development and Sustainability (EDESUS 2019) under the theme of "Global change and sustainable development for emerging economies in Asia".


Edesus 2019 deals with global changes and sustainable development in Vietnam and other emerging economies Asian-wide. It also covers wider topics such as economics and business, development and sustainability, resources and global changes. It provided a forum for the students, lecturers and scientists of the UEB and foreign partners to exchange research and open opportunities for studying abroad and holding joint conference. The EDESUS Proceedings 2019 will be published by Springer. It collects original conference papers on general considerations about global changes and sustainable development both in Vietnam and Asian countries. The proceedings provided an opportunity for readers to engage with a selection of refereed papers that were presented during the EDESUS Conference 2019.

7. Successfully organizing GPAC 2019

From 26th to 31st August, 2019, more than 180 students and lecturers from 7 prestigious Asian universities gathered at the UEB to attend the Global Partnership of Asian Colleges (GPAC 2019) under the theme of "Digital Economies in Asia". This is the third time the UEB has hosted the forum.


Besides academic exchanges, the students also had the opportunity to visit famous landmarks of Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam, Old Quarter. Hanoi, Trang An Complex - Ninh Binh ... enjoying Vietnamese specialties and culture.

With the strategy of education internationalization, in recent years, UEB’s students have had many opportunities to interact with international friends and scholars. GPAC 2019 is a valuable opportunity for UEB’s students to exchange with international students and make friends.

8. Building a reputation in organizing short-term courses for foreign students and promoting international exchange activities

In 2019, the UEB organized five short-term training courses on investment environment and multinational companies in Vietnam for graduate students of Kelanya University, Sri Lanka; short-term training course for students of George Mason University from the US; short-term training course for students of California Riverside University from the US, short-time training program for students of Manchester Metropolitan University from the UK and short-course for Vietnamese students at Krakow University, Poland.

Short-term courses for master students from Kelanya University, Srilanka 

Besides, UEB also organized many short-term training courses for organizations, businesses and agencies in Hanoi, such as developing KPIs in organizations, managing personal finance etc.

9. Improving facilities toward modern and professional learning environment

In 2019, UEB officially put into use the new lecture hall at 109 Ho Tung Mau - Cau Giay - Hanoi with high quality lighting system, projection, speakers, air conditioner, wifi etc.


Developing the model of a green university, the UEB has renovated the E4 building at 144 Xuan Thuy Street. This is a large-scale project, modeled after the lecture hall structure in Israel. The project aims at reducing electricity cost by using solar panel, energy managing system etc. This has brought a new, modern and professional appearance to the main building of the University.

10. Promoting students activities especially exchange programs held by faculties and school

In 2019, student activities have been promoted by the Youth Union, faculties and schools. A list of volunteer and humane activities has been undertaken by UEB’s students, lecturers and staffs.


The UEB has organized various playgrounds for students such as the start-up competition Business Challenges, the "Vietnam - Korea Grow Together Business Challenge 2019". Besides, many competitions were held by faculties and school, including "Shinning with FIBE", "Finance students"; “Learn about Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh”, “Internship and field trip to multinational corporations”, “Debate Contest” etc.

The university currently has 17 student-run clubs including martial arts, singing, researching, dancing, blood donation, communication etc., which provide the playgrounds for the students and help them develop soft skills.

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