UEB’s Trade Union Congress

With the presence of Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Kim Dinh, Chairman of VNU’s Trade Union, UEB’s Trade Union Congress was organized on 31st December 2007 to review all activities of Trade Union (2005-2008) and to set up the tasks for the Trade Union (2008-2010).

The University of Economics and Business (UEB), which emerged from the restructure of the Faculty of Economics, was established under Decision 290/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on March 6th 2007. As a result, the Trade Union of FOE was renamed as UEB’s Trade Union through Decision No. 31/QD-CD of the Chairman of VNU’s Trade Union. This was the first UEB’s Trade Union Congress, which was a memorial political event of the UEB in general and of staff members in particular.

Many suggestions were added to the review report on activities of UEB’s Trade Union in period 2005-2008 and draft report on the tasks of UEB’s Trade Union in period 2008-2010 that made by Assoc.Prof.Dr Trinh Thi Hoa Mai, Chairman of UEB’s Trade Union (2005-2208). A great number of participants expect UEB’s Trade Union will make better effort to construct inner united staff, complete its political mission; deserving with the position and the role of a Trade Union of the VNU’s unit.

On behalf of VNU’s Trade Union Executive Committee, Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Kim Dinh made a speech to focus UEB’s Trade Union on such problems as: consolidate and strengthen the structure; construct and supervise the expenses of inner funds to ensure the benefit of all members; encourage Trade Union members to take part in UEB’s activities…

All the participants voted for the new UEB’s Trade Union Executive Committee (2008-2010), which includes 7 members.

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