Graduation Ceremony UEB - TROY joint BBA Program intake I

On 27th February 2008, the graduation ceremony for the intake 1 students in Bachelor of Business Administration program in partnership with Troy University, US has been implemented formally.

Being at the ceremony on Troy’s side are Chancellor PhD. Jack Hawkins Jr,. Vice Chancellor Earl Ingram, Dr. Philip Lyon - Director of International Programs and Representative Alan Boothe. There are Vice Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, faculty and officers of University of Economics and Business, students of Troy program attending the event.

After three and half years of hard studying, intake 1 students have completed their program, met all degree requirements and been awarded the bachelor degrees.

In his speech, Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. congratulated the graduates and stated that: “Keep in touch with us. You are now a member of the Troy University Family. We value you. Send us e-mail messages and letters. When you visit the USA please travel to Troy. Be good citizens-serve your communities. Become life-long learners. Return to school for a graduate degree your generation will need graduate degrees. We invite you to come to Troy to earn your graduate degree.”

UEB’s Vice Rector Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Hong Son expressed his sincere thanks to Troy University’s delegation especially Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Vice Chancellor Earl Ingram, Dr. Philip Lyon-Director of International Programs and Representative Alan Boothe. He emphasized : “Through this joint training program with Troy University, we want to provide Vietnamese students with the opportunity to learn from highly qualified lecturers. And we hope that this program will foster our students’ ability to successfully take advantage of the opportunities arising from Vietnam becoming a global knowledge-based economy. We are fully aware of the importance of this mission. We will thus continue to strive to create the best conditions for learning, teaching and research.”

After the graduation, UEB and Troy signed the MOU for MBA program. Due to the schedule, the two institutions will start to recruit students for the graduate program in the last months of the year.

Prof. Nguyen Hong Son (UEB) and PhD. Jack Hawkins (Troy) signed the MOU for MBA program.

The happiness after the Graduation Ceremony.


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