Deploying internship program that pays salary for students of joint training program with Troy University

Ms. Lydia Arledge is presenting the internship program
On 15th September 2008, Ms. Lydia Arledge, Director of training programs of Walt Disney World Group, United States, provided a presentation on internship program that pays salary for students in the Bachelor joint training program with Troy University (United States).

This is the collaborative program between Troy University and Disney World Group for students studying in the bachelor joint training programs with Troy University at various campuses in the world.

Attendees of this introduction seminar are Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet, Director of Office of Research and Partnership Development - UEB; Mr. Tran Thuan, representative of Troy University in Vietnam and many students in the joint training program between UEB and Troy University

The program will provide an opportunity for Vietnamese students to do internship in Disney World for 05 months. During this period of time, students will work from 35 to 40 hours per week at an approximate wage from 6 to 8 USD/hour. During internship time, students could simultaneaously study 02 courseworks (06 credits) at school with lecturers.

In the end of the internship period, students would accumulate 12 credits more for their program (02 courseworks and 02 internship subjects), have opportunities to work in an international environment, practise and improve their English as well as make friends with international students from different countries in the world. Therefore, in addition to being able to work, earn an income and complete two courseworks, students could improve their knowledge, life experience, especially to have a chance to work in a very professional environment of Walt Disney World. Thus, the program attracted attention and support of many students.

It is expected that on November 2008, Disney World will delegate a group of officials to Vietnam to interview directly and select students who register to participate in this internship program.

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