UEB Rector signed Mission Assignments for the faculties

On 24th October 2008, University of Economics and Business - VNU (UEB) held a ceremony for the assigning of tasks for the academic year 2008-2009 between leaders and faculty representatives. There were also presence of UEB Board of Management, deans of faculties and functional departments.

This is a new activity that many other universities have not yet implemented. For the first signing ceremony, the UEB wanted it to be a basic implementation plan, and otherwise, it presented determination of Board of Management, and overall lecturers, executives in developing step by step according to the standard of leading university.

Most deans agreed that it is an exciting activity and that it should be implemented earlier. Whenever it has specific target, it will be implemented and managed more effectively; in the process of performance, it required the combination and support from functional departments.

In response to the idea, deans of departments and other functional departments vowed to support the implementation of tasks for the upcoming academic year, implementing plans earlier and creating a more detailed process. Planning - Finance Department is a key concern, especially surrounding a guide for payments and training for officers to be in charge of this task at each department so that it could be run smoothly.

After hearing ideas of units, Rector Phung Xuan Nha stated that: “We are very glad, as at this time, University of Economics and Business already has a clear schedule of what need to do and the cooperation between departments. The important thing is to carry out those tasks. Faculties, departments and college have to cooperate tightly and do smoothly. Faculties have become decentralized, assigning specific tasks for each person to implement academic tasks. Leaders now need to look at the overview and give direction. Following and monitoring, should not be too focused on specific tasks. From college’s side, the Board of Management and Department need to enhance observation and provide warnings in advance, overview every quarter, make adjustments to the plan, find solutions for remaining problems whilst also having an award mechanism for encouraging advancement”

The Rector of UEB, Assoc.Prof.Dr Phung Xuan Nha signed contract of delivering tasks of academic year 2008-2009 with 5 faculties: Faculty of Political Economics, Faculty of Finance - Banking, Faculty of International Economics and Business, School of Business and Faculty of Development Economics.

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