UEB lecturer and student to be awarded the title Typical Young Model of VNU in 2008

At the Ceremony commending 150 Typical Young Models of VNU organized at 19 Le Thanh Tong Street (Hanoi) on 10th December 2008, 1 staff and 2 students of University of Economics and Business - VNU had the honour to be awarded this title.

Awardees included Dr. Dao Thi Bich Thuy - Lecturer of Faculty of Economic Development and 2 students namely Nguyen Thanh Tung (QH-2006-E Finance - Banking) and Hoang Thanh Binh (QH-2005-E High Quality Training in International Economics).

It is known that in 2008, VNU elected 150 out of over 1,300 outstanding individuals to award the title “Typical Young Model” at grassroots’ level. Representing nearly 50,000 pupils, students, post-graduate students and research students and hundreds of young employees of VNU, these 150 individuals had the honour to receive this title. Particularly, among these awardees, 5 have been awarded the title of Typical Young Model of VNU for the third times and 20 have been awarded the title for the second time. Also in this occasion, Director of VNU awarded the Certificate of Merit to 7 Typical Young Models.

Mai Huong

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