PhD. Jack Hawkins - Chancellor of Troy University:
“I am completely pleased with our training partner, University of Economics and Business - VNU”

That was what PhD. Jack Hawkins - Chancellor of Troy University said about us, University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (UEB - VNU). It could be the reason why you wouldn’t be surprised after reading the comments of our partners about the cooperation between Troy University and UEB.

Nguyen Thanh Lich, Student of intake 1 - BBA program cooperated between UEB and Troy: I decided to choose Troy because I thought when I graduated, what I needed would not only be the knowledge just coming straight out of books but from the reality. I was right as Troy has given me what I looked for.

Nguyen Thanh Lich’s Grandmother: When he started, I was so worried whether he could follow the course. After a short time, with his improvement, I really believed in the training program. Today, I’m so touched and excited. I hugged him few times to show my feelings. Now he graduated. I would like to express my sincere thanks to UEB and Troy University for helping him to grow up. We put a strong belief in the training - education cooperation between UEB and Troy University.

Chau Dieu Van Quyen, Student of intake 1 - BBA program cooperated between UEB and Troy: It is said that students have to do a lot of self-study when learning at university. In this program, our biggest benefit is being taught by good lecturers in an international standard training environment. The lectures gave us a broad knowledge around the subjects such as economics, physics, business statistics… Those are my unforgettable experiences. 
Vu Tuan Nghia, Student of intake 6 - BBA program cooperated between UEB and Troy: I really want to have a good knowledge, an experience and a degree in order to get a good job with high salary and contribute to the development of society.

Pham Hoang Ly, Student of intake 6 - BBA program cooperated between UEB and Troy: I think that when studying at UEB, most of the subjects are taught in English. This allows us to improve our speaking and listening skills. When we graduate, we can use English fluently. Along with a wide range of knowledge, we will have a lot of opportunities for career advancement.

PhD. Robert L.Delzell II, Representatives of NCU: I understand clearly the importance of economic foundation and good education to a developing country like Vietnam. NCU has brought to Vietnam some training models of America and other countries in the world to train the graduates, masters or PhDs for Vietnam. Those models will help to develop the knowledge of economics and business more practically. In fact, we are trying to speed up the education operation process here.

PhD. Jack Hawkins - Chancellor of Troy University: Graduates will have a wide range of knowledge and a good command of English. That will help them get a good job in this globalized economy. I think if understanding the nature of free market system - one of the key points of the training program, these students will have the ability to work better. We always stand by each other throughout the training cooperation and continuously update the changes of the world. I am completely pleased with our partner, UEB.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha-Rector of UEB stated that: I strongly believe that, with the training conditions and orientations of the university, students and their parents can be sure that after studying at University of Economics and Business, graduates will have a good knowledge, useful skills and will be successful in their careers.

UEBnet (Quoted from the report on VTV2)

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