The University of Economics and Business - VNU celebrated new academic year 2009 - 2010

On 17th September 2009, The University of Economics and Business - VNU solemnly celebrated the new academic year 2009 - 2010 with the attendance of the whole staffs, lectures and students of the UEB.

Attending at the celebration were Assoc.Prof.Dr Pham Trong Quat - Party Committee Secretary, Vice-president of VNU, representatives of VNU’s units and divisions, and representatives of the UEB’s partners. Also present at the celebration were the host, Assoc.Prof.Dr Phung Xuan Nha - Party Committee Secretary, Rector of the UEB, Vice Rectors and heads of the UEB faculties, units, departments and centers.

In his speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phung Xuan Nha - UEB’s Rector acknowledged the achievements of lecturers, staff and students of the UEB, especially the 429 new students, who have passed the university entrance examination. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phung Xuan Nha also looked back to some achievements of the UEB’s staffs and lectures during the last academic year 2008 - 2009 and referred to the priority missions in the new academic year 2009 - 2010. He emphasized: In the new academic year 2009 - 2010, the UEB will continue to specialize planning as the base for other missions. Furthermore, it will focus on implementation of high-quality training programs of international standard. Also, the UEB will invest in two national programs of high priority as well as introducing the ISO quality management system. The other priority is to enrich cultural activities. He also called upon UEB’s lecturers and students to be determined to successfully execute the proposed plans together.

On behalf of VNU’s Board of Directors, Assoc.Prof.Dr Pham Trong Quat recognized and complimented the UEB staffs, lecturers and students’ efforts during the previous period. In a striking way, the VNU’s Vice-President emphasized: “In the academic year of 2008 - 2009, the UEB - a very young college member of VNU, has obtained a high level of prestige in Vietnam’s education system as a trustworthy institution in terms of training high-quality human resource for the economy. The UEB has made a great effort in gathering all the resources to innovate and bring about remarkable changes in awareness, way of thinking and practical actions. The UEB has obtained several innovations, and focused on missions of high priority for foundation development of other UEB’s units”. Assoc.Prof.Dr Pham Trong Quat also added “The UEB is always the vanguard, and with its glorious tradition, dynamicity, creativeness, activeness, this college will meritoriously contribute to performing common missions of the VNU and its own missions in the new academic year”.

At the celebration, the Rector of the UEB awarded prizes to the top four students in their university entrance examination; to six students with outstanding performance in the last academic year; to six most active student cadres; and to six financially disadvantageous students who achieved great study efforts.

On this occasion , representatives from organizations and enterprises - partners of the UEB (including: Multilateral Trade Assistance Project Vietnam III, Doji Gold & Gems Group, Gami Group, Sacombank) granted presents and scholarships to UEB’s students in total value of 360 million VND.

On behalf of the entire UEB’s students, Ha Thi Hong Hanh, a new student of Class QH-2009-E, who came first in the 2009 UEB university entrance examination said in her speech: “We promise to constantly put effort into studying and practicing in order to requite our parents’ and instructors’ expectation. We will make contribution in protecting and enhancing the prestige of the UEB - VNU, and in making the UEB one of the leading and reputable colleges in the country”.


Assoc.Prof.Dr Pham Trong Quat - Vice-President of VNU grants the title of Outstanding Organization in recognition of the UEB’s contribution in the academic year 2008 - 2009.

Rector of the UEB awards prizes to UEB’s students who achieved good study results in the academic year 2008 - 2009.

Luu Thi Mai Anh Le Thuy Dung

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