Prof. Tom Cannon: “Talent is the root of success”

Prof. Tom Cannon lectures at UEB on 19 January 2010.
“The very first element of successful business is not money, but talent. Therefore, first of all you have to be believe that you are really a talented person” - That was the message from Prof. Tom Cannon, the leading policy advisor from U.K. shared with students of University of Economics and Business - VNU in his lecture on 19 January 2010.

As an international eminent policy advisor, Prof. Tom Cannon is complimented as a “symbolic example” of the combination between a researcher and an entrepreneur, between theory and practicability. Back to Vietnam this time (from 19 to 21 January 2010), Prof. Tom Cannon delivered lectures to UEB graduates, students of 16+23 Program and Honored Program about Entrepreneurship and Corporate Responsibility.

Referring to Entrepreneurship theme, Prof. Tom Cannon emphasized the roles and the importance of talent in developing modern age economy. He affirmed that 21st century is the age of talent based economy. He provided some evaluations on challenges of 21st century, including the breaking-out of the third industrial revolution, talent competitiveness as well as the tendency of talent gathering in the world. Referring to Vietnam, the success of Trung Nguyen Coffee is a symbolic example which he used during the discussion.

Besides, Prof. Tom Cannon also discussed about the theme of “Corporate Responsibility”  (CSR) in this lecture. Although this is a new term to many Vietnam’s enterprises, CSR has been considered as an important element of business in the world. Enterprises which implement CSR will contribute to sustainable economy and benefit themselves, spoke Prof. Tom Cannon. Implementing CSR also aims to assure the shareholders’ social interests and relating parties’. On the other hand, this activity will maintain and improve number of customers who are interested in sustainable economic development and environment protection. Furthermore, the professor also provided several operating modes and structures for enterprises when implementing CSR.

With his sense of humor, enthusiasm and erudition, Prof. Tom Cannon brought precious and exciting lessons to UEB students. This was a great opportunity for UEB graduates and students to approach modern ideas from one of the world leading policy advisor from the U.K.

During 2 days 20 and 21 January 2010, Prof. Tom Cannon continues to have working sessions with Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) and University of Economics and Business - VNU on strategy of developing university financial source and development strategy advising.

Vice Rector of UEB offers Prof. Tom Cannon flower to express his gratitude.

Prof. Tom Cannon enthusiastically shared his experience during the discussion.

UEB lectures and students and Prof. Tom Cannon.

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