University of Economics and Business - VNU receives WTO Chair Programme

Dr. Harsha V. Singh granted the fund of WTO Chair Programme to Research team of UEB
Within his visit and working sessions in Vietnam, on 26th February 2010, WTO Deputy Director-Genral Dr. Harsha V. Singh came to University of Economics and Business - VNU to grant the WTO fund of WTO Chair Programme (WCP) to Research team of the university.

Participating in the event were Mr. Nguyen Cam Tu - Deputy Minister Industry & Trade Ministry and many Leaders of Governmental organizations, ministries, departments, representatives from VNU Board of Presidents, researchers, specialists in trading policy making as well as UEB Board of Presidents, numerous UEB faculty and students. More than 20 media agencies also attended and reported this event.

At the ceremony, Dr. Harsha V. Singh granted the WCP fund to UEB research team led by Dr. Vu Quoc Huy - Dean of Faculty of Development Economics. University of Economics and Business - VNU has been the first university of Vietnam which received the fund.

The WTO Chair Programme was launched by WTO Advisory Board in the aim of assisting the education, training and cooperation among universities of developing countries. From a total of 70 proposals received, 14 projects were chosen through a competitive selection process involving the WCP Advisory Board. The board is comprised of 21 scholars and experts from around the world who will contribute to all substantive decisions in respect of the programme.

In making their selections, WCP Advisory Board took into account a number of criteria, including: networking; the newness and update of programmes; development of young scholars; capacity-building and sustainability; joint implementation with other institutions; and utilization of resources.

The research team at UEB - VNU plans to carry out two set of activities: research activities and training on trade issues. These two contents are designed in such a way to ensure strong linkages between them and the cohesion of the whole project. Outputs and expected results from research activities will be used as inputs for training on trade issues.

After the ceremony and the launching of WTO Chairs Programme, Dr. Harsha V. Singh delivered a speech on: “The global trading system after financial crisis: Implications for developing country”.

The event in which University of Economics and Business - VNU became one of 14 universities of the world receive WTO research fund has a great significance to the development of the university. This award supports the university in improving the researching capability, policy analysis and training in international integration field - an extremely important field in Vietnam’s progress. This is also the priority of the UEB in teaching and researching.  The event also brings it an opportunity of scientific exchanging with international researching community to improve UEB training and researching quality. On behalf of UEB Board of Management, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha committed to accurately implement objectives of the program.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha - UEB Rector speaks at the ceremony.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha expresses his gratitude to the WTO Leader.

Quoc Huy - Luu Mai Photos: Le Dung

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