New school year opening ceremony 2010 - 2011, University of Economics and Business - VNU

16th September 2010, New school year opening ceremony 2010 - 2011 of University of Economics and Business - VNU was solemnly held at 10 - 12 Meeting Hall.

Attending to the ceremony were UEB staff, students, their parents representatives of VNU Board and UEB partners. Especially, the university honorably received New Zealand Deputy Vice-chancellor - Mr Alistair Crozier; Mr David Moyer from Embassy of the United States Hanoi, Vietnam.


Distinguished guests at the ceremony


UEB students sing the country’s praise

At 8h30 am, the ceremony was officially open with the flag etiquette

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha - UEB Rector reviewed the achievements of the university in the last school year and its missions for the 2010 - 2011 school year. He also congratulated the new students and affirmed that: The students at the ceremony were excellent for passing the last university entrance examination to face the different life - students’ life. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha hoped that the university would receive student’s hearty effort and enthusiasm.

At the ceremony, Dr. Pham Quang Hung - Vice Presidents of VNU praised the UEB’s achievements. He shared with the students: "Dear students! You are having the honor to study at a prestigious university in training and research. You are having the pride of being VNU student - a country-leading center of high quality interdisciplinary training institute. I hope that you are going to take the opportunity to achieve high results in study, research and other activities, adequately responding to the concern of family and society".

At the ceremony, Mr. Alistair Crozier - New Zealand Deputy Vice-chancellor and Mr. David Moyer - Action officer, The US Embassy Hanoi also congratulated UEB new students.

Mr. Alistair Crozier affirms the good relationship between Vietnam and New Zealand as well as joint training programs of UEB and other New Zealand’s universities.


Mr. David Moyer asserts: The UEB has a good relationship with Embassy of the US and American universities such as: Benedictine University, North Central University and  Troy University in graduate and postgraduate training… The US Embassy always encourages the cooperation in training and has the honor to cooperate with the UEB - VNU.

University of Economics and Business awarded Tran Van Tho Scholarship to 3 students who had the highest score in the 2010 university entrance examination; awarded merit certificate to 6 students having high academic result; 6 active students; 6 disadvantage students.

The UEB partners including: Saigon Securities Inc., ACCA Vietnam Representative Office, SacomBank, Hanoi Technology Institute JCS. awarded scholarships of total value of 149 millions VND to UEB students.

A school year has begun. We believe in the success in 2010 - 2011 school year of the UEB under the tight union of the university and active leadership of UEB Management Board, high determination among UEB staff, faculty and students.

UEB students are awarded merit certificates and scholarships at the ceremony.

Mai Anh - Manh Tuan

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