Workshop “Internship program at KPMG 2011”

KPMG is one of four world-leading audit companies, which specializes in audit, tax and management advisory. In order to bring to students opportunity of internship at KPMG, on 28th September 2010, Center for Students Service and KPMG Company organized the workshop “Internship program at KPMG 2011”.

The workshop attracted more than 150 junior and senior students of UEB. At the workshop, Mr. Bui Minh Tuan - Chief of Audit Department (KPMG Company) introduced to the students about the company and 2011 internship program as well as shared about his experience of audit and tax advisory.

Additionally, he provided students with more information about their tasks and responsisbility during the 3 months internship at KPMG. Ms. Nguyen Hai Van (Human Resource Department) and Ms. Nguyen Thu Trang (Marketing Department) instructed students how to register the internship program, prepare skills to the first intrance examination and interview round. Many questions about the topic were raised and responded satisfactorily.

The workshop closed in cheerful atmosphere. Through the workshop, UEB students were aware of developing opportunities, technical tasks, advantages and disadvantages of audit, tax advisory career. Moreover, students understand more about working style in professional environment to prepare technical and solf skills to participate in the coming internship at KPMG.

Nguyen Thu Hien (CSS)

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