UEB Alumni meet after 30 years of the university establishment

On 23rd October 2010, at meeting hall of University of Economics and Business - VNU, the university has held the meeting of 25th course Alumni (1980-1985) after 30 years since the school day. Attending to the meeting were nearly 50 alumni and 10 lecturers teached the course.

Despite their busy work and private family as well as geographical distance, but 25th course alumni who are living and working in different regions of the country has already arrange to attend the meeting. After 30 years, almost all the alumni have been successful, held various key positions at universities, government agencies, military and enterprises.

The meeting took place in a cheerful, warm and intimate atmosphere. All participants have come together to review the memories from the time at university. The alumni expressed deep gratitude to their lecturers who have been work with their whole heart.

UEB alumni and lecturers of 25th course share their emotion.

In particular, at the alumni meeting, Prof. Phung Xuan Nha - VNU Vice President, UEB Rector, as one of 25th course alumni was touched to see old friends and lecturers. On this occasion, Prof. Phung Xuan Nha proudly talked about the development of the University of Economics and Business and asserted: today development of the university is partly due to close contribution of its generations of students, staff and faculty.

Attending to the meeting, Prof. Nguyen Hong Son - UEB Vice Rector expressed his cheer and pride with the contribution and success of 25th course alumni. He also introduced to the alumni about remarkable change and progress of the university during the last period.

At the meeting, all the particiapants also agreed with the Regulations on organization and operation of the 25th course Alumni Association of Economics and voted Communication Committee that includes three members.

25th course alumni and lecturers of the University of Economics and Business - VNU

The meeting closed in good impression, leaving behind with unforgettable memory among UEB alumni and former lecturers.

Thu Hien - Photos: Pham Diep

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